Featured Bikini: Mermaid African Jewel Bikini

When you think of jewels, you think beautiful and shiny right? Try again and this time think bikini! We’re all about our Mermaid African Jewel Bikini right now as it’s the prettiest thing to find on the beach. It’s a fave among mermaids who like to keep coverage to an absolute minimum. But read on to learn more about this standout suit and why you need to add it to your ‘kini collection. Babes like Sarah Underwood and Hayley Clauson can’t get enough of this suit. 

The Fit:

Can you say itsy bitsy? Well that’s the best way to describe the Mermaid African Jewel Bikini. The top is a traditional triangle, but with a little extra in terms of how it fits. The self tie at the neckline and back give you a bit of a lift. But not, mermaids, this suit works best for you babes with small to medium shells. Large shelled mermaids may not get the support they want or need with this style. But no prob! As for the bottoms, they are next-to-nothing cheeky with ruched detail along the back and side straps for security. If you’re the kind of mermaid who wants to bear it all at the beach, this is the teeny cheeky bottom bikini that’s made for you.

The Features:

Amazing details at every angle. Start with the triangle top, which not only features the gorgeous positional print, but it’s made super special with little black pom pom decorating the cups. It doesn’t stop there. The top also has a pretty ruffle trim to offset the sexy that the suit is giving. Self ties at the neck are eye catching thanks to bold beaded detail. Now let’s make our way to the reversible bottoms, which have that same ruffle detail that the top features. No side ties, but double straps so this thing stays sexy no matter what.

The Story:

When Merboss, Kara ventured to South Africa, she couldn’t get over all of the beautiful arts and crafts detail that made up the local markets. What happened next? She was inspired to create a bikini that spoke to just that. Borrowing from that experience, Sarah and Kara designed a positional print that when viewed up close shows beads and strings in various shades and colors. The natural beauty of South Africa’s jewelry came through too by way of the pom poms and hand beaded detail at the ties. So don’t think this design come out of nowhere, it’s roots are deep in South Africa and the country’s everyday beauty.