Featured Bikini: Brazenly Braided Boho Queen One-Piece

The sexy one-piece has been riding the wave in the swimwear world for a few years now. And if you ask us, it just keeps getting better. We even introduced a few styles into Salty Mermaid last October when we launched the Bohemian Queen Capsule collection. Our Garden Route Capsule features a one-piece too.

Since launching the Brazenly Braided Bohemian Queen One Piece, our mermaids can’t get enough. There’s so much to 💗 about it.

The Fit

First of all, this suit is sexy. The front features a plunging neckline, which works no matter what size shells you’re working with. The deep V plays a game of peek-a-boo and even offers a little sideboob thanks to low-slung sides that give way to a scoop back. Also, there are adjustable straps so you can play around with just how much you’re going to bare. Perf, right?! And you know us, Mermaids, we’re all about being cheeky. This suit is offered in both Brazilian (minimal coverage on your buns) and Semi-Brazilian (moderate coverage on your buns) featuring a high-cut leg. So on trend!

What’s to love most about this style is no matter your body shape or size, it looks GORGEOUS! It’s slimming, hugging you in all the right places and showing off all of your best assets. No for the mermaid who’s faint of heart, this flattering one piece ranks high on the sexy swimwear scale.

The Features

Let’s kick off with the best feature–the vibrant Bohemian bikini print. Loaded with color, this suit is an optical wonderland. The positional print (that means all suits have the same prints in the exact same place), it comes together at the waist, giving the illusion of a slimmer waist. While at the top, the print is robust to give the appearance of an enhancement at the top. And again the print flutters out to draw attention to the hips. Smart, we know.

On to the straps, which are beautifully braided, borrowing inspo from the villages of South Africa. You can also have some fun and criss the back straps if you’d like. The suit features gold toned hardware so it’s a super premium sexy one, piece.

The Story

As you may or may not know, this particular suit was not only the result of a growing trend–the cheeky one-piece. But a style that was inspired by Merboss, Kara’s camping (not glamping) trip across South Africa. There, she visited markets and was overwhelmed by the beauty she saw and the cheerful people she experienced. A jewelry lover, Kara felt compelled to recreate all the arts and crafts style jewelry pieces from the market into a sexy swimsuit. And so the Brazenly Braided Bohemian Queen One Piece was born. It’s hues–including Pantone color of the year Ultra Violet–not only pull from the color saturated South African loca markets, but from the breathtaking pink and purple sunsets that the country is so famous for.

Brazenly Braided Boho Babes

It’s clear that the Bohemian Queen One Piece is a #SaltySquad fave. Check out some of the merbabes who’ve rocked it. We LOVE it! P.S. if you own it, show it off and tag us on IG for a chance to be featured on our feed. 💗 💗 💗