Thank You for Your Service, Jill!

In Honor of Memorial Day, we chatted up Salty Mermaid Ambassador, Jill. Jill loves repping Salty, but she's a badass military babe having severed in the Navy. She was inspired to join the service after 9/11. She has an incredible story and we're so grateful to not only have her
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Meet Salty Merbabe: Alyssa Smith

That babe that you keep seeing looking super cute on our Instagram feed? That's Alyssa Smith. Whether she's with her man rocking faves from the Donut Print Bikini Collection or showing off those perfect buns in the Coral Raja Bikini bottoms on the beaches of Miami, she's 100% the Salty
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Ready. Set. Try Before You Buy

Have you ever really wanted to buy something online, but you just weren't 100% sure about it? Sure you have. We all have babes. And when it comes to bikinis, you can be a little nervous to add to cart without trying 'em on. We get it. That's why we
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Grow Up: Rose Blossom Collection Must Haves

Mermaids love new things. That’s a fact. That’s why just in time for the 2019 bikini season we’re dropping a capsule group from our Argentina Collection that’s going to define your summer. Ready? Set. Rose Blossom. These Rose Blossom Bikini group is next level floral bikini perfection with silhouettes and
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Best Beach Cities to Live In

If you’re a mermaid, living by the ocean is key, but how will you ever decide which beach city is right for you when there’s oh so many to choose from? Don’t worry mermaids; we’ve done all the hard work for you. Check out our list of some of the
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Top 10 Beaches in the World

We can’t get enough of the beach. White sand, salty air and turquoise water will always leave us wanting more. But with so many beaches around the world, it can be hard to choose! Check out our fav top 10 beaches around the world to make planning your next beach
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