MERBOSS Sarah Jon’s Faves

Imagine being a swimwear owner and designer. Well, Sarah Jon--one half of the super cheeky duo that runs Salty Mermaid--is. And while her days are spent deciding on patterns and colors, answering emails, talking fit and talking strategy, Sarah sometimes gets some free time to actually hang out and wear
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Happy International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day! What a reason to celebrate, Mermaids! No doubt, this world is filled with inspirational women from those that have paved the way for change and pushed us to be better women to our very own moms. So in celebration of ladies all over, we decided to
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Meet Mermaid Lauren Agius

There are a lot of mermaids out there and we're here for it. So we decided to feature a few. Meet Lauren Agius--babe, athlete, gym-guru, fitness lover, expert meal planner (for real, check out her 90 day plan) and certified mermaid. We caught up with Lauren--in between her beach trips
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Meet Bikini Boss Lady, Sarah Jon

Salty Mermaid bikinis don’t just appear out of nowhere. There’s a team and two Merboss Babes that make it happen. Meet one of those boss ladies, CEO, Sarah Jon—she’s one part badass babe, one part die-hard animal lover mixed with avid adventurer. In between picking patterns, talking strategy and making
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