Meet Our Garden Route Capsule Faves

We introduced you to our Bohemian Queen bikinis back in October. Now we’re ready to launch another capsule form South Africa-inspired bikini collection. Say ‘hey’ to the Garden Route capsule. It’s a beautiful group styles borrowing colors from the coastal landscape of South Africa. We looked to more of those
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Salty Mermaid on Women Fitness

It's happening again, Mermaids. The new year is coming. Yes, 2018 is less than a week away and here at Salty Mermaid, we're getting excited. We're excited for new opportunities, places and experiences, but we're also excited for this piece about us, that was featured on Women's Fitness,  site devoted to
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Color Crush: Purple

No surprise that we’re all about purple right now. Our Bohemian Queen Collection is loaded with it. If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you know that the collection was partly inspired by the breattaking purple sunsets that our, Mer-boss, Kara experienced in South Africa. There’s something pretty magnificent
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Nicole Isaacs Wears Salty Mermaid in Oahu

Traveling babe and digital influencer, Nicole Isaacs recently jetsetted to Oahu Hawaii and what did she pack? The Bohemain Queen Brazenly Braided One-Piece from our South Africa collection, of course. Not only was the scenery AH-MA-ZING with a beautiful cloud-filled blue sky and crystal clear waters, but Nicole was giving off total
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