Behind Our Puppy Lovin’ Print

Our new Puppy Lovin’ print is perfect for our salty babes whose pups will their #1 Valentine this year.

Interested to learn more about our new spectacularly cute print? Check out this interview with our pet-obsessed founder Sarah Jon Porreca to learn more about the pups that inspired this perfect print for our Valentines’ Collection: 

Who are these inspirational pups? 

SJP: Brina is an Albino Doberman. She was rescued when she was around 3 months old. The breeder kept her in a horrible cage from the time she was born and she developed Clubfeet and neurological problems. She was sent to be put down but a friend suggested she live out her days on my ranch instead. It’s 5 years later and she is running around like a deer and smarter than ever… too smart and way too spoiled.


Cash is a 2-year-old Black Lab rescue. He may be the smartest dog alive and loves his mamma almost as much as he loves tennis balls. He has now mastered the art of diving to the bottom of the pool for a ball. #ProudMom


Then there is Daisy. She is a 6-year-old Viszla and my soul dog. Here eyes are windows to her soul and she is my everything. I’m rarely pictured without her by my side. She is also the COO of Salty Mermaid and double checks all fabric quality control for softness and dog-proof of kisses. 

Where did the idea for this print come from? 

SJP: I am slightly obsessed with dogs and I love the fact that our girls love them just as much! When we designed prints for ’21 we tried to find some cute imagery but it was almost impossible to find a feminine, fun, and flirty puppy print. One of the upsides of this turmoil time of Covid was that so many families adopted dogs since they had more time at home. I remember seeing a picture of an empty dog shelter and crying at how there is good in everything even when things are bad. I decided I wanted to create a puppy print that showed the love between dogs and people and our hearts.


What role do your pets play in your crazy life? 

SJP: With Covid we have all had to get creative with working from home and if it was not for my dogs I would go stir crazy. They are my little Salty Mermaid ambassadors. They entertain me by letting me dress them up in the suits and be my “fit models”. It is so interesting to watch dogs and their personality traits. Each one has such a vital role and they know it.

If my dogs were humans, Cash would be the employee that comes in 30 min earlier than they need to and pumps up everyone for the meeting. Brina would be the girl that has the best style and always is honest enough to tell you when you have something in your teeth. Daisy would be the team player that would help anyone out with everything with a smile on her face. 


Do you have a Valentine this year?  

SJP: My Cash is my Valentine this year. He is such a Mama’s boy and my little protector. The men have a lot of lessons to learn from this handsome stud!


Be a heart-stopper this Valentine’s Day and rock our new Puppy Lovin print with your best pup by your side!

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Getting Into The Holiday Spirit

It’s finally my favorite time of the year… gift-giving season! Whether gift-giving is one of your love languages or you just love the excuse to do some extra shopping, your Salty Girls have got you covered this year! Here is what I will be gifting to all the important people in my life:

For My Bestie: 

Since I can’t pick out just one gift to get my bestie, she will definitely be receiving a Gift Box so I can check off everything on her list. The Salty Mermaid logo hat, stocking, bikini bag set, and more goodies that are included in the Holiday Cheer Gift Box are more than any girl could possibly need, but after this year she definitely deserves it!

For My Guy: 

You can never go wrong with a new pair of trunks for your man, so that is exactly what will be wrapped up under the tree for him this year. I can’t wait to see how cute his tush looks in them!

For My Bikini Obsessed Girlfriend:

The perfect gift for any girl who is this bikini obsessed is definitely a Salty Mermaid gift card so she can get herself the bikini of her dreams!

For My Sister:

My sister and I love two things: looking cute while still being comfy AND rocking matching fits; so I will definitely be getting us cropped hoodies and fleece joggers for lounging together on the couch!

For Myself:

After all that gift-giving, I’ll have to get myself a little treat as well. And what better gift than our adorable holiday stockings! They are going to be the perfect addition to my fireplace decor, and you can bet I will be getting one for my furry friend too!

As obsessed as I am? Go check them out on the Salty Mermaid site along with lots of extra fun holiday gear!

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Salty Mermaid Holiday Gift Guide

It’s gift giving season, Mermaids and if you’re like us, chances are you haven’t even started your holiday shopping. Eek! So rather than float around aimlessly, unsure of what to gift our fellow mermaids and mer-family, we decided to put togethera little holiday gift guide to help you out. Got a mermama in life? Get her Salty Mermaid. Got a merboss who’s cool as ever? Ger her Salty Mermaid. Got a bestie, who deserves the world? Get her Salty Mermaid so she can show off her greatness in a cheeky bikini.

Check out some of our faves for your faves.


Gifts for your Bestie:

She’s always cute. She’s always there for you, so give her something that’s going to let her know how fabulous you think she really is. Encourage your best merbabe to show off her magnificence in one of our newest styles, the Bandkini, an edgy bikini featuring a sexy, sporty top and super cute high-cute, cheeky bikini bottoms.  

If your bestie isn’t the bikini type, still celebrate her magical mermaid ways by gifting her with a Salty Mermaid Stocking loaded with Salty Swag (a logo tank, a trucker hat, a koozie, some stickers). She will be thrilled. Why because mermaids like finding treasure, duh!


Gifts for the Mermama:

Cheeky bikini bottoms aren’t what your mom loves most? Totally cool. Gift her with the latest, Long Sleeve Salty Mermaid Logo Tee. As if the cut weren’t cute enough–off the shoulder with a relaxed fit–it’s super soft and features an adorbs rose gold Salty Mermaid logo across the front. Not all heroes have capes, mermaids. Some have cute tees and talk that mermaid talk.

Another fave for the #1 merlady in your life? Salty Mermaid PJs! Mama’s (new and seasoned) looooove jammies. And she won’t be able to resist these. The fit is relaxed, the fabric is soft and it’s covered with everyone’s favorite mermaid logo.


Gifts for the Merboss:

If you’re gonna be a Merboss, you need to look the part, right?! Of course. So surprise your boss babes with some super sassy Quay sunnies this holiday. They’re on-trend and beyond stylish. They make every mermaid look like the head mermaid in charge. Our faves for your boss? The High Key Sunnies are a classic aviator style that say, ‘I got this, peeps.’ And that’s exactly what the boss babe in your life needs.

Because a real boss babe is moving from place to place–office to yoga, volunteering to hanging at home, she needs to stay hydrated. Her best bet? You giving her the gift of a Salty Mermaid Tumbler. Available in three fab hues, she’s sure to fall head over sky-high heels for one.


Gifts for your Furbaby: 

Fur babies need gifts too. So we’ve got you covered. Give ‘em the Salty Mermaid Dog Hoodie in pink or black. Keep your little babe cute and warm all season long–no matter how big or small they are.

Treats. Treats. And more treats. That’s what furbabies love most. So gift it to them in the Mer Pup Stocking. Fill it with the best toys and treats to give your little fur babe the happiest holiday ever.


Gifts for your fave Aunt:

She loves to give you smoochies, so give her something fun in return. Gift your favorite aunt with the Salty Mermaid Logo Trucker Hat. It’ll keep her mer-tastic until the next time you see her.

Annnd in case you were wondering what we have on our list this year, we’re obsessing over our latest Reversible Colorblock Bikini, a real life mermaid crown and a Mermaid Tail Blanket–because sometimes we skip the water and hang on the couch for some binging. 

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Memorial Day Bikini Looks

Mermaids! Summer officially kicks off with Memorial Day Weekend. You know what that means? That means bikini season is in full effect. If you’re anything like us, you’re jetting off to somewhere fun this weekend or hitting up a handful of backyard BBQs where your look needs to be on point. Are we right or are we right?

Because we heart you and because we know that packing is never fun, we’ve pull together some Memorial Day Weekend looks that are perfect. Rock these looks with our cheeky or Brazilian bottom bikinis, our triangle tops and sexy one piece swimsuits.

Multi-Wear Bikini Top

This top is an absolute fave. What’s great about the Multi-Wear Top Bikini is that you can wear it multiple ways! Wear it as a halter bikini top, a wraparound bikini top, an off-the-shoulder bikini top or even a one-shoulder bikini top. Cute, right?! Because the top gives you options (and enhances), it’s a perfect match for long flowy maxi skirts, flat sandals and hoops. We love that you can have a dressed up look, but remain in a bikini!


Geo Jewel One Piece

Every bikini girl knows that one piece swimsuits make the best bodysuits. And our Geo Jewel One Piece is a must have for every summer wardrobe (and beach excursion). The details of the suit are going to make you the talk of the party–pretty braided straps, a plunging neckline and back detail that you can’t ignore. Show off this super cute style with a denim mini and some vintage vibes with bold aviators. Bring in some fun jewelry and even a quirky visor to shield you from the sun and bring the look full circle.

African Jewel Halter Bikini Top

Crop tops are in. But why not wear your bikini top as a crop top? Easy when it’s the Reversible African Jewel Halter Bikini Top! We looooove the versatility of this top (and so does our Merboss Sarah Jon). It’s simple, but loaded with darling details line the ruffled trim and beaded straps. Put this fave on with striped wide-leg pants (cropped or full length) a bold flat sandal and some fun neutral accessories. End up with a look that’s chic, but ready to go from bbq to beach or party to pool in seconds. Life is stylish in a black bikini!

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From Cute Bikini to Cuter Halloween Costume

What’s more scary than monsters and ghosts, witches and ghouls? Not having a costume to wear and having to scramble last minute for a cute and clever, sexy (but not too sexy) Halloween costume. Frightening. Call in the cute bikini. 

That’s why the Salty Mermaid Squad is here to rescue you from Halloween costume hell. Sure bikinis are fab for hitting the white sand beaches, frolicking in the turquoise waters or just hanging poolside. But a wise woman knows, that bikinis make the best Halloween costumes. Transform your favorite sexy bikni into an easy costume with a little help from us here at Salty Mermaid. What kind of options to do you have? Well of course a mermaid, but get creative with our suits and take what seems like an average costume to the next level. Promise.


Modern Mermaid

This is obviously our go-to. We are Salty Mermaid after all. Score the Merbabe Top in purple or green and pair this super flattering bikini top to a sparkling skirt. Of if you don’t have time to shop for a trumpet skirt, head over to the local fabric shop and grab few years of glittering green, blue or purple fabric pin it et voila…you have a mer-skirt or fins. As for accessories, shop for shells and work them into your ‘do, maybe ever add some netting or make a crown. Cover yourself in body glitter and toss on your fave heels and you’re ready to go. Mermaid in a minute.


Haute Hippie

Peace, love and sexy one-piece bikinis that double as kick a** Halloween costumes. Give the Bohemian Queen Brazenly Braided One-Piece some quality time this Halloween. A super flattering one-piece with beautiful braided straps and a deep v-neckline does a lot more than make the the ultimate beach babe. Pair this back to a pair of cute denim cut-offs, some groovy glasses, fringed boots and a headband for a look that is throwback, but right on time for the Halloween party.


Butterfly Babe

Spread your wings and fly? Sure. But no one has time for that when Halloween is a week away. What you do have time for is to shop the Iguazu Oasis Blue Butterfly Bikini and create the cutest butterfly costume ever. This one speaks for itself with the bold print all you need to compliment your Halloween style are some bold colored tights–think blue or green, a standout pair of pumps and some makeshift butterfly wings. If you want to show a little less skin, just rock the knotted bikini top and a tutu. Look at that, you’ve transformed into a beautiful butterfly and all you needed was the perfect cheeky bikini.


Curiously Cute Kitty

Get your costume together right meow. Our newest (and one of our hottest) pieces, the Brazenly Braided One-Piece in Midnight takes the sexy one-piece to the next level. But it also doubles as a killer kitty costume. Toss on some black fishnets and your favorite black pumps, pull on the Bohemian Queen, let your hair down and add a mask. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but Salty Mermaid made her sexy.

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