Meet Babe: Jennie Payne

Ask for a positive vibe and we’ll point to MAJOR Merbabe, Jennie Payne. A devoted Salty Squad member, Jennie seems to always look on the bright side–even when life hands her a a full bag of lemons! She’s a risk taker, an avid adventurer and a girl who just won’t take “no” for an answer. We love seeing Jennie show off her bikini bod–no literally–she’s been training for a bikini competition, but due to the current state, that’s been put on hold. Do you think Jennie gave up? Nope. We could go on about Jennie and how amazing we think she is, but you can read it for yourself. We caught up with her and asked her all the good stuff. And can we just say, we’re eternally inspired by this bad ass babe. Plus, Jennie in the Kara Mesh Me One Piece? Heart eyes for days…

How did you end up living your best life in Hawaii ?

I worked a full time job in accounting for 7 years before I finally realized that I didn’t want to spend my life in a cubicle for 20 more years. At 23 I decided to leave my stable job and comfortable life to move to Maryland and become a broke college student. While in college I took a national exchange opportunity at the University of Hawaii where I lived in Ohau. It felt like home. I decided that as soon as I graduated, I would pack up and move there to do what I love in the most beautiful piece of paradise I’d ever seen. I won’t lie, that decision was SCARY AF. I didn’t know if I’d be able to make it work. Hawaii is damn expensive and being a full time personal trainer ANYWHERE is a constant hustle. But, I did it. And even on the hard days, it is 100% worth it!

What do you do to relax or de-stress?

I love treating myself to a massage or pedicure, but when money is tight, epsom salt baths with the works are where it’s at (candles, wine, and Khalid radio)!

Tell us about your upcoming bikini competition!

I was suppose to have competed in my first ever bikini competition this past April. I had been training and following a strict nutrition plan for 6 months. Then 3 weeks before the show date, it was cancelled due to Covid. BUT, my goal at the beginning of the year was to step on stage and I’m not giving up! The Ikaika Classic is–so far–still on for November, so that’s what I’m currently prepping for. I’m not sure if bikini prep will become a lifestyle for me. If I do well, my competitive side will surely want to shoot for earning a pro card. If not, my next goal is to get in the boxing ring (I’ll need to train for at least a year before I feel somewhat ready for that)!

How are you staying motivated when it comes to your fitness training right now?

It’s tough. The possibility of a second wave of shutdowns and another show cancellation looms. But I can’t focus on that. At least this time I won’t be blindsided if that happens. My goal is to continue to train as if I were stepping on stage regardless of what happens. I cannot control those type of things, but I can control my consistency, my effort, and my dedication to my goal.

Where is your next travel destination that you just have to check off your bucket list?

I am dying to go to Indonesia to swim with the whale sharks! I have a LONG bucket list- but that is at the tippy top!

Your posts are so uplifting (and funny)! We are especially obsessed with your birthday photoshoot in the Kara Mesh Me suit 🖤 Tell us how we can all be as confident as you!

Awww. Honestly, I’ve actually never been very comfortable in a bikini until recently. BUT, I will say that when your outfit looks good, you feel good. Rocking my Salty Mermaid Suits always makes me feel AMAZING! I just absolutely love love lovvvee these suits. I am so incredibly honored and happy to be part of the Salty Squad 🧜🏻‍♀️
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Meet Ambassador: Krystal Rose

Krystal Rose has been repping the Salty Squad for a while now and we’re all about her energy. Surely, you’ve seen her. She’s always showing off in the latest Salty Mermaid style and doing it in some super cool location. Another cool thing about Krystal? She’s a true travelista! She’s all about being the babe who sees the world –either with friends or solo. So we caught up with Krystal (she’s got a little down time these days) and asked her to share what she loves most about traveling, where she’s going next and how to successfully travel solo as a woman. FYI, this mermaid has nothing but good stuff to say. But read on for yourself and see what we mean! P.S. how hot is she in the Kara with the matching suitcase? Um travel goals!!

Tell us why travel is so important to you

Traveling is important to me because it enables so much mental and spiritual growth. I am constantly having to over come challenges, be flexible when things don’t go as planned, learn to respect other cultures, take risks, and best of all make new friends.

What’s your favorite beach memory?

My last trip was in Thailand. I connected with a few strangers on the mainland and we decided to go to an island together for a week. It was non stop beach, reggae music, fresh food, dancing, swimming and just lounging in secluded beaches. It was the time of my life! I want to go back!

What is your next trip you have planned? First stop Post-Quarantine!

It is a tie between Bali and back to Thailand. I really just want to live the care free lifestyle for a while on the beach.

What is a goal location you’re looking forward to visiting in the future?

I would like to go to the Cape Verde islands. My father is Cape Verdean and I would love to visit where my ancestors have been. I hear it is gorgeous and I love island life.

How have the past few months changed your perspective on travel?

I definitely recognize that I was blessed to be able to travel before the quarantine. I don’t ever want to take my ability to travel to other countries for granted. I actually almost got stuck in Germany the first week of March. Luckily I found a flight and quarantined for safety. I miss my friends all around the world. The world may not be the same once I try to go back out so I am grateful I got to experience what I did.

What is something you ALWAYS pack to bring with you, no matter the destination?

A small, fanny pack is essential. Water proof is ideal and enough space to fit passport, room key, cellphone and some cash. Invest in a RFDI one with cut proof straps. I wear mine everywhere, from swimming to exploring, to dancing. I may not look fashionable but I don’t I’ll have everything I need to keep me safe.

Do you have any tips for solo babe travelers?

Yes, These are all safety related:
  • Have someone back home and/or in a near by country know where you are at and where you are going on a daily basis.
  • Don’t look like a tourist
    • Look at maps and know your surroundings and routes before you leave your lodging. Don’t constantly look at your gps on your phone and look lost. That’s an easy target for people looking for tourist to mess with.
    • Don’t constantly take photos for the gram
  • Take selfies with people you are hanging out with and send them to someone or upload to the cloud so if something happens to you, people can check your history and find clues.
  • Make friends quickly. Find people you can trust to hangout with but always take precautions that not everyone has your best interest in mind. Surround yourself with people who will look after you.
  • If you go out at night by yourself, don’t drink and watch your drinks. Learn to have fun without drinking.
  • Don’t get drunk. Period.
  • Don’t bring a purse or anything expensive with you. Leave brand names at home. You don’t want to be a target or tempt someone to rob you.
  • Invest in a good backpack and travel light. You want to be hands free as much as possible.
  • Read about the country before you go to learn about any dangers for travelers and females.
  • Register with the US Embassy in the countries you are going to.
  • Have the airport, hotel, restaurants book transportation for you with legit transport services.
  • If you hook up with a guy (let’s be real) text his info, maybe a photo of his passport information to a friend back home. If he is not okay sharing his information, don’t hook up with him. Find another hottie.
  • Bring plenary of Salty Mermaid bikinis, duh!

 Finish this sentence: Traveling is ….

the best investment you can make for yourself if your intention is to learn and grow on your trip
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Thank You for Your Service, Jill!

In Honor of Memorial Day, we chatted up Salty Mermaid Ambassador, Jill. Jill loves repping Salty, but she’s a badass military babe having severed in the Navy. She was inspired to join the service after 9/11. She has an incredible story and we’re so grateful to not only have her on the Salty Squad, but for the sacrifices she made for this country! Read on to learn more about this mega babe!

Tell us 3 fun facts about yourself:

a) I am adopted by two amazing parents and found my biological family through 23 and Me. They are awesome as well. b) I used to compete in the fitness industry c) I love hotels especially ones with robes, slippers, room service, and a great bar.

What motivated you to join the Navy?

9/11. I woke up the morning after turning 22 (my bday is Sept 10) to the towers burning right before the second plane hit. I was in college to be a Phys Ed Teacher but realized that I needed to do something more. Joining the Navy was the best thing I did, paid for the rest of my college, I lived in Florida, California, and Italy, met one of my besties of now 15 plus years, it paid for my Master’s degree, got me a Top Secret Clearance and helped get me to my current position as a federal civilian supporting the United Special Operations Command here in Tampa, Fl. Love our amazing nation!

What rank are you most proud of and why?

I would not say rank most proud of, but graduating from Rescue Swimmer School in Pensacola, Fl is my proudest moment,  When I went through only 5% of females made it. That and completing SERE school, it is a survival and evasion school.  Both schools where physically and mentally challenging but the best training I have ever had.

Tell us about your super chill pup Nala…

I got Nala in December of 2010, saw her online and said that is my dog. She is pretty much like my kid so much that she will let me carry her like a baby and give her zerberts, and when I am sitting down she will put her chest on my face waiting for a zerbert. Sometimes I swear she communicates with snorts. She snores with her eyes open, if i am sick she cuddles with me until I get up, she is amazing with kids.  When I used to meal prep for fitness competitions, she always wanted to be near me, so I trained her to always go to her bed, to this day pretty much anywhere we go if I say get in your bed she will and ride out. 🙂

What’s the next Salty Mermaid suit you plan on wearing to the beach?

My Save the Toucans suit is my go to, but I recently just filled my shopping cart on the Salty site and can’t wait to get the Ocean Bikini and matching mens trunks for my hunky other half.

What do you love most about being a Salty Mermaid Ambassador?

I am able to support an actual brand that is truly a great fit, gives back to the environment, and I am able to support amazing women who run and work for the company. Salty makes and promotes suits for all not just for that size 0, but more for all of our different types of lady lumps. <3

What’s a piece of advice you would give to all the other Salty girls?

Love your mind, body, and spirit inside and out. Speak and stand for what you believe in and lift other ups, no matter if they have been ill willed towards you.  See the good be the bood. This is the time of the influencer, make that influence from whatever platform(s) an amazingly positive one.
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Meet Salty Merbabe: Alyssa Smith

That babe that you keep seeing looking super cute on our Instagram feed? That’s Alyssa Smith. Whether she’s with her man rocking faves from the Donut Print Bikini Collection or showing off those perfect buns in the Coral Raja Bikini bottoms on the beaches of Miami, she’s 100% the Salty Mermaid vibe. But this darling is more than a bonafide bikini babe, she’s all about doing good and hopes to leave her mark on this world with some positivity. And in between rocking out to EDM and country tunes, she’s obsessing over the Kara Crop Top.

Tell us a fun fact about you…

One day I want to start my own non- profit. I want to own a rescue for horses & a shelter for human trafficked     women & children and incorporate these missions together! I love animals & I want to see human trafficking and animal abuse end during my lifetime.

How many bikinis do you own?

A lot! At least 20, but I only have a few favorites!

What’s on your playlist right now?

“One Margarita” by Luke Bryan is my current favorite. My playlist right now has lots of EDM and country!

Describe the perfect bikini day…

78 and sunny on the beach!

If you were stranded on an island, what are the three things you’d bring with you?

Tequila, a bikini, and my boyfriend (& I’d hope he’d bring some more valuable items 🤣)

What do you love most about Salty Mermaid bikinis?

The variety! From different colors, patterns and designs, Salty Mermaid has it all!

What’s your favorite Salty Mermaid style?

The Kara Crop Bikini Top & Raja Ruched Back Bottom — obsessed!

Favorite quote?

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it -Proverbs 4:23

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Meet Salty Merbabe: Hannah Hose

Hannah Hose has been killing it Salty Mermaid for awhile now. No doubt you’ve seen her. Hello, the video of her in the Indigo Tina Twist Top? Love! She’s the SoCal based beach babe who keeps us with heart eyes. Hannah stays in a bikini–whether she’s with her adorable pooch, poolside at home in the Donut Collection, strolling the streets with her man in the Lanika Brazilian Bikini Bottom, hanging on the sand or looking like bikini goals on the shores of Hawaii. We’re all about it. We caught up with this hottie and ask her some questions about bikinis, about life and of course, about Salty Mermaid. Read it for yourself. Chances are you’ll wanna be besties with her!

Tell us a fun fact about you…

Something people may think is ridiculous but I am obsessed with is working! If I have a project I am full of energy as soon as I hand it off I can’t wait to get my hands on something else!

How many bikinis do you own?

Girl… I can’t count. But if I were to guess somewhere in the 200 hundred range 🙈

What’s on your playlist right now?

Heart on ice on REPEAT. And maybe tons of country. Country girl at heart x yeehaw!

Describe the perfect bikini day?

Cancun, Mexico, sipping margaritas and tons of sun and ocean! 🌊

If you were stranded on an island, what are the three things you’d bring with you?

ALL my bikinis, my boyfriend and a camera to document everything 📸 maybe when someone finds us we’d have an amazing story to show!

What do you love most about Salty Mermaid bikinis?

What don’t I love? The material is definitely worth everything. It always suck buying a cheap bikini that comes apart.

What’s your favorite Salty Mermaid style?

KARA MESH ON PIECE. Hands down. All the colors please!

Favorite quote?

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” -Robert Frost

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Mermaids We ❤️ You

We love the future, but sometimes we’ve got to talk about the past. And 2018 was a heck of a year for us, Mermaids. We launched our South Africa Collection and made major waves in the swim world. Girls all over the world were living for the undeniably gorgeous prints of the Bohemian Queen styles, the sexy fits and bold shades of our Sun Chasers group and the ultra cool vibe of our Garden Route bikini capsule.

In traditional Salty Mermaid fashion, we came through with cheeky bikini bottoms, Brazilian bikini bottoms, a host of mix and match tops, reversible bikinis and sexy one piece swimsuits that girls were not only going gaga for, but looking go-go-gorgeous in! We could go on for days about the spot of fit of the triangle tops and the scrunch butt bikini bottoms, but we won’t. Instead we’ll just show you some babes who slayed in Salty Mermaid 2018 styles all year long…

@kaylaazjones in the Reversible Tribal Halter Bikini
@_jennwelsch in the Reversible Savannah One Piece

@mdc_veralucia in the Multi-Wear Bikini
@_lauren_elizabeth_davis in the African Jewel Triangle Bikini
@hannahhose + @hellohunney in the Savannah Reversible One Piece
@lexieleni in the Bohemian Queen One Piece
@iamelizabethsmith in the Geo Jewel Halter Bikini
@the.bikini.diaries in the Bohemian Queen Halter Bikini
@charity.grace in the Kettingen Bikini
@erikawheater + @wanderwithmacy in the Bohemian Queen Bralette + Bohemian Queen One Piece
@tiffanykeller in the Colorblock Halter Bikini
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Meet Mermaid Melissa Reynoso-Grossi

Some babes were born to wear bikinis. Our Salty Mermaid Ambassador, Melissa, is one of them. A self-proclaimed ‘bikini obsessed mermaid,’ she has been rocking our styles for some time now–and she doesn’t plan on stopping. When she’s not running after her five year old (yes, she’s a mama…CRAZY, right?!) she loves to lounge around in an itsty bitsy bikini at her Palm Springs home, hang poolside in Las Vegas or show off her bikini bod in exotic Caribbean locales like, Jamaica. Some of her favorite styles are the Vibrant Ruse Bikini and the Pink Geometric Bikini. We caught up with Melissa and asked her to give us the scoop on what’s she loves most about Salty and how she stays so HAWT. Wanna know? Read on…


I live in southern California. I am a short drive from the beach, the desert, and the mountains.


For as much as I love living life in a bikini…I really don’t like the water all that much.


I am not the girliest of girls. When I am in a kini I feel most confident. I use my Hawaiian Tropic SPF 6 oil, throw on a pair of sunnies and sometimes a hat to protect my face! Boom!


Poolside, with a cocktail


I constantly get made fun of for my taste in music. Some have called it terrible. But I LOVE anything that reminds me of high school. So I have a lot of early 2000s R&B and pop.


My most favorite place in the world…as of right now my happy place is Palm Springs. I feel at peace in the desert. The 100+ temperatures that most people try to avoid, I embrace it.


A boat (so I will not have to be stranded forever), a masseuse (because massages on the beach are what dreams are made of), and tequila (because margaritas are life)!


Poolside with my closest girlfriends, 90+ degree weather, lots of adult beverages, good music, and laughter.


I love the styles, the bright colors, and that when I purchase my bikinis I know a portion of that money is going to save the Rhinos and the Rain Forest.


My most favorite bikini is the Vibrant Ruse. I have never worn a style like this before. And it seemed a little risqué–a woman in her late 30s wearing something so revealing–but I have never felt more confident and sexy in a bikini.


I always tell my son “Be loving, respectful, and kind” It’s not always easy but if I am telling him daily I better be leading by example.

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MERBOSS Sarah Jon’s Faves

Imagine being a swimwear owner and designer. Well, Sarah Jon–one half of the super cheeky duo that runs Salty Mermaid–is. And while her days are spent deciding on patterns and colors, answering emails, talking fit and talking strategy, Sarah sometimes gets some free time to actually hang out and wear the pieces that she, Kara and the rest of the team have worked so hard on creating.

You would think that when you’re surrounded by bikinis 24/7 it would be hard to pick a favorite, but Sarah actually has three favorites!

The Mermaid Beaded Bikini

WHAT SARAH LOVES: I consider this our little gem. This sporty top works for everything from the gym to the beach to the rooftop bar for a little day drinking (it’s black so you can’t tell if you spill some Rosé on it). We created this suit because we wanted our personalities to come  through by way of the colors and delicate embellishments. Looking at the suit, you can see the love and time it took to create every curve of every bead and the bright color story that it tells. Of course, since it says “Mermaid” on it, how could it not be one of my faves?! Did I mention it literally goes with any color bottom? Shop the Mermaid Beaded Bikini

The Brazenly Braided Bohemian Queen One Piece

WHAT SARAH LOVES: This is my absolutely favorite! I’m not usually a one-piece kinda girl, but this style says “sexy mysterious vixen” and I’m all about that.  I love the dramatic color pops in all the right places on your body. Shop the Bohemian Queen One Piece

The African Jewel Reversible Halter Bikini

WHAT SARAH LOVES:  I’ve been obsessed with this style since day one. The sporty halter fit makes the possibilities endless. It’s amazing paired with a denim jacket or whatever bottoms you like.  And the bikini bottoms? These are is the dream bottoms I imagined before I started Salty Mermaid. I wanted to create something that was super sexy and flirty, but also flattering for any body type. The fabric is so luxe  and keeps its shape all day. Shop the African Jewel Reversible Halter Bikini

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Meet Mermaid Arianna Lynne

We have mermaids repping Salty Mermaid bikinis all over the country. AMAZING! And we love to catch up and chat with them. Devoted mermaid, Arianna Lynne from Destin, Florida is always celebrating our brand and showing off styles from our Mermaid Collection whenever she can. She took some time from sunbathing, adventuring, animal loving and sea horse rescuing to chat with us about why she loves being apart of the Salty Squad and what makes her the mermaid you want to meet.

Where do you live and what do you love most about it?

I live in Destin, Florida. I absolutely love where I live because I’m definitely a mermaid at heart and the beaches here are amazingly beautiful with emerald water and white sand.

Tell us a fun fact about you…

I am slightly obsessed with sea turtles. I have traveled to the Maldives to work for a sea turtle rescue and am currently a volunteer for the Emerald Coast Turtle Watch group. I also have 8 sea turtle tattoos.

What’s your beauty routine? You’re gorge.

I work outside in the sun and on the water so sunscreen is really important to me! I don’t go anywhere without my mascara and eyeliner though.

Poolside or Beachside?

Definitely beachside. I find myself always making excuses to go to the beaches since they are so close. It’s my happy place.

What’s on your playlist right now?

I listen to a large variety of music constantly, but I’m really loving Dirty Heads newest album right now!

Your favorite place in the world?

I’d have to say Hawaii is my favorite place in the world. It’s absolutely gorgeous there and there’s so much to see and do! There are plenty of beaches to check out and many hiking trails. And did I mention, lots of sea turtles? Haha 🙂

If you were stranded on an island what are the three things you’d bring with you?

If I were stranded I’d make sure I’d have water, a knife, and a friend.

What do you love most about Salty Mermaid?

I love Salty Mermaid because I feel so comfortable in any of the bikinis I wear. I always get so many compliments on them!

What’s your favorite Salty Mermaid style?

I love my Merbabe kini! But my mermaid beaded top comes in a close second!

Words you live by?

Own who you are.

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Meet Mermaid Lauren Agius

There are a lot of mermaids out there and we’re here for it. So we decided to feature a few. Meet Lauren Agius–babe, athlete, gym-guru, fitness lover, expert meal planner (for real, check out her 90 day plan) and certified mermaid. We caught up with Lauren–in between her beach trips with merman–and asked her to tell a bit about how she lives the mermaid life, what she’s listening to and why Salty Mermaid bikinis are life. The Gold Coast living beauty had some nice things to say about us and about living her best life. But we’ll stop telling you and let you read it for yourself. Also, #bootygoals.

Where do you live and what do you love about it most?

I live on the Gold Coast, which is in the Australian state of Queensland. I love the fairy skies on the beach at sunset–my magic hour for sure.

Tell us a fun fact about you…

I’m left handed and love peanut butter!

What’s your beauty routine? You’re gorgeous!!

I go to BeautyFULL Cosmetic Medical Center in Brisbane for laser and dermapen treatments. And I ALWAYS use retinol. It’s magic.

Beachside or poolside?

You will always find me at the beach!

What’s on your playlist right now?

I love Post Malone

Your favorite place in the world?

Bali I feel so zen there

If you were stranded on an island what are the three things you’d bring with you?

I’d choose food, water and my boyfriend #hearteyes

What do you love most about Salty Mermaid?

I love the bright fresh feel of Salty Mermaid bikinis and the prints. Plus I think the line is really unique.

Your favorite Salty Mermaid style?

The Igauzu Oasis Knotted Bikini and the Strappy Starlet Jungle Underwire–awesome fits and the colors are so pretty.

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