Meet the Neon Pinking of You Collection

Our newest collection, Neon Pinking of You, is an absolute heart stopper! Here to give you an up close look at all the amazingness going on in this extra HOT collection.



The Neon Pinking of You collection features our brand new fabric made from recycled nylons imported from Italy. The suits in this collection were made in small Columbian factories by experts in swimwear to ensure maximum quality and fit. Only the best for our Salty Babes! 

Can we talk about this color? We searched high and low for the perfect neon pink for this collection. It is sexy, bright, and sure to be a stand out this summer!  


We introduced two brand new silhouettes that are definitely going to become your Salty staples.


The Tammy Top is for our retro merbabes who shamelessly blast Vacation by the GoGos on their way to the beach and practice their slow-motion beach run in the mirror (just in case Baywatch gets rebooted). This ‘80s Sports Illustrated inspired bikini top is business in the front and party in the back. The electrifying Neon Pinking of You color is the cherry on top of this totally rad bikini. 


Inspired by sporty styles from the 80s, our brand new sexy Summer One Piece will give you all the hot throwback beach vibes you’ve been craving. This cutout monokini in the fluorescent Neon Pinking of You color is going to become your go-to suit to sport in the water. 


The Neon Pinking of You collection also features new accents like sporty front zippers and sexy clear straps. They add a fun and flirty flair to our already amazing suits that are sure to set you apart on the beach this summer!


Who doesn’t want to be a topless mermaid sunbathing on the beach? This sporty Sarah top is sexy in a whole new way with clear straps for a backless look. The perfect top for the saltiest of merbabes!  

Go shop the Neon Pinking of You collection on now!

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Rock Your Salty All Year Round

For months I’ve been dreaming of beachy mermaid hair, sun-kissed skin, and a chance to stunt on the beach or by the pool in a brand new bikini and I am not sure how much longer I can wait. But maybe I don’t have to wait for the temperature to hit 80 as an excuse to pull out my fav bikinis, why can’t I rock my fav Salty Swimwear all year round? 

While I count down the days for the beach to start calling my name, I have come up with a few ways to wear my Salty every day! Here are two of my fav ways to wear:   


If you’ve been dying to treat yourself to a new bikini, why not use your New Year’s Resolution of getting your butt off the couch and into the gym as the perfect excuse? Motivate yourself with our Kara Crop Bikini Top that can be both your hot new suit for the summing and your fav new workout top. It’s the perfect top to dub for light-activewear and will give you all the confidence you need to kick your butt into high gear.   


Looking for a way to spice up your loungewear? Why not opt for a new swim top as a comfortable (and yet so hot) way to look and feel good as you start off 2021! Our Sarah Sport Tank will be a great addition to your lounging wardrobe and comes in the cutest array of prints and colors. I love to wear it with my favorite pair of joggers or with our Party on the Bottom Fleece Sweatpants.

Get yourself that new Salty bikini you’ve been eyeing to wear now for lounging and for swim when the warm weather hits! 

In need of some more insp0? Check out our Instagram @saltymermaidswim for more ideas on how to wear Salty every day!

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Getting Into The Holiday Spirit

It’s finally my favorite time of the year… gift-giving season! Whether gift-giving is one of your love languages or you just love the excuse to do some extra shopping, your Salty Girls have got you covered this year! Here is what I will be gifting to all the important people in my life:

For My Bestie: 

Since I can’t pick out just one gift to get my bestie, she will definitely be receiving a Gift Box so I can check off everything on her list. The Salty Mermaid logo hat, stocking, bikini bag set, and more goodies that are included in the Holiday Cheer Gift Box are more than any girl could possibly need, but after this year she definitely deserves it!

For My Guy: 

You can never go wrong with a new pair of trunks for your man, so that is exactly what will be wrapped up under the tree for him this year. I can’t wait to see how cute his tush looks in them!

For My Bikini Obsessed Girlfriend:

The perfect gift for any girl who is this bikini obsessed is definitely a Salty Mermaid gift card so she can get herself the bikini of her dreams!

For My Sister:

My sister and I love two things: looking cute while still being comfy AND rocking matching fits; so I will definitely be getting us cropped hoodies and fleece joggers for lounging together on the couch!

For Myself:

After all that gift-giving, I’ll have to get myself a little treat as well. And what better gift than our adorable holiday stockings! They are going to be the perfect addition to my fireplace decor, and you can bet I will be getting one for my furry friend too!

As obsessed as I am? Go check them out on the Salty Mermaid site along with lots of extra fun holiday gear!

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Trending Now: The Sarah Sport Tank

When it comes to cute bikini tops, you’ve got options on options with Salty Mermaid, right? Well we wanna tell you about the one top that is an absolute for any bikini collector. It’s the Sarah Sport Tank. This sporty bikini top is next level…and we’re about to tell you why.

The Fit

You know we love to talk fit to you babes. Whether it’s a triangle bikini top designed for busty babes or a halter bikini top that you cannot live without, we’re gonna tell you what makes it great for your bod. When it comes to the Sarah Sport Tank, the fit is supreme. This bikini top does more than look amazing, but it holds in your shells and offers major support–no matter how big or small you boobies may be! We designed this sporty bikini top to move with you. It has front cutouts, so you don’t feel smooshed, but it also has a wide elastic underneath so you don’t feel like you’re going to fall out.

So Many Colors

Sure having a black bikini top that you love is great. But when you find one you love, isn’t it best to have it in almost every shade possible? Yup. That’s why we didn’t settle on creating the Sarah Sport Tank in just black. We upped the ante and created this bikini top in red, fuchsia, neon yellow and pretty prints like our signature rose blossom, donut and ocean prints. So you can always pick a bikini top that suits your mood or your look for that particular beach day. Oh and you know you can mix and match these tops with so many different Salty Mermaid bikini bottoms, right?!

It’s More Than a Bikini Top

Take your Sarah Sport Tank to the beach, sure, but you can take her other places too. Explain? K’. Well, when we designed this amazing fitting bikini top, we also thought about your day-to-day activities. And in between the beach and pool, you’re working out and meeting up with besties, right? The Sarah Sport Tank can do all of those things with you. It’s a super legit workout top, since it offers support and absorbs moisture. Plus how cute is it with your high-waisted workout leggings??? Next up, brunch with your babes? Show off a neon yellow Sarah Sport Tank with high-waisted denim short and a breezy button-up. Supes cute. It’s date night approved too.

So now that you know why we’re all about the Sarah Sport Tank, you want them all, right? Lucky for you babes we just dropped the price from $45 to $30. Get ’em all!

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Ready. Set. Try Before You Buy

Have you ever really wanted to buy something online, but you just weren’t 100% sure about it? Sure you have. We all have babes. And when it comes to bikinis, you can be a little nervous to add to cart without trying ’em on. We get it. That’s why we launched the Salty Mermaid Try Before You Buy program a while back.

For sure you’ve seen it on our site. Maybe you’ve  even seen it on our Instagram, but you’re not quite sure how it works. Well we’ll give you the scoop right now!

With the Try Before You Buy Program or TBYB as we like to call it, you can try up to 3 sizes of any bikini bottom or any combination of bottoms. Have fun with different styles and different fits before you commit to a type. You know we have several–Brazilian bikini bottoms, cheeky bikini bottoms, high-cut bikini bottoms, side-tie bikini bottoms and more.

You’ll pay $5 up front to participate in the program and that $5 includes the cost of return shipping and it’s applied toward your future bikini purchase. Easy right?

How It Works:

Step 1: Select your 3 sample bottoms on Salty Mermaid (FYI we send black bikini bottoms only)

Step 2: Try on your samples, maybe take some selfies, make some decisions and send all 3 bikini bottoms back within 48 hours. We’ll provide the return shipping label so it’s easy.

Step 3: We get the package back with the samples in good condition and boom, we apply the $5 fee towards your bikini purchase.

The best part? You know exactly what bikini bottoms you want and which fit your bod best. Now you can place your bikini order with major confidence. How amazing is that?!

Ready to try it? Just click here and get your Try Before You Buy on!

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Yummy Yummy. The Donut Collection!

We know, we know. There’s so much good Salty Mermaid dropping these days that maybe you can’t keep up. Since 2020 kicked off we’ve launched the Hearts Collection, the Denim Collection, the Neon Collection and the Little Black Bikini Collection. They’re all cute bikinis that you need in your Spring Break lineup. Right?! 

But the one we’ve been super excited to share with you is the much anticipated Donut Collection. Yaaaas. Designed for the babe who loves to keep it sweet and sexy at the same time, this collection is everything. Why? Because it’s all your fave styles in the cutest bikini print ever. C’mon who doesn’t want a donut print bikini?

Rather than go for a look that was just donuts, we laced it with a little bit of fashion and added in some black and white stripes for contrast. 


The Tina Twist Top

The Tina Twist Top, also know as the super cute wrap around bikini top you’ve come to love from our last few releases is now available in the donut print. Pair it back to any of our Neon bikini bottoms–whether you like Brazilian bikini bottoms or cheeky bikini bottoms. Or show off the full Donut Print Bikini look…


The Slasher Top

This is the go everywhere bikini crop top–the Donut Print Slasher Top. We’re all about the edgy detail mixed with the sweet as can be print. We love this with Neon Yellow Bikini Bottoms like the Jessica. How cute is this sporty style? Toss on some denim and go from beach to bar in this. Hello Spring Break cuite!

The Sarah Sport Tank

We already know you’re obsessed with the Sarah Sport Tank. Since we launched in back in 2019, it’s been the must-have sporty bikini top for all the Salty Mermaid Babes. The donut print update makes this ever more desirable to wear with a super cute cheeky bikini bottom like the Lavish Leopard or to the gym (yes, donuts at the gym is ok with us) or to your meet-up with your best girls. 

The Jessica Bottoms

In classic Salty Mermaid fashion we had to bring you the option of Brazilian bikini bottoms or cheeky bikini bottoms in the donut print. We know you babes like options, so here you go. Which are you rocking this season??? We love ‘em both. 


Oh and p.s. Every single style from this donut bikini collection goes perfectly with our neon styles…just see for yourself. We know, you’re craving this whole vibe!


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Salty Mermaid Review by Mermaid Molly

Salty Mermaid has done it again! A new line of swimwear has come out with a “save the toucans” theme that is all about giving back! They partnered up with the TRR (Toucan Rescue Ranch) in Costa Rica where a team of passionate environmentalists are doing their part to protect endangered wildlife on the island. 

Did you know that there are 6 different types of Toucans in Costa Rica? Leslie Howle and Jorge Murillo have been working at the TRR since 2004 and established a captive breeding program for all 6 species of toucans. So cool! 

This breeding program helps raise toucan offspring until a juvenile stage where they are “pre-released” into an intermediate enclosure preparing them for the rainforest. To learn more about the TCC visit their website!

So how does Salty Mermaid give back?

Well, this particular swimwear is 100% recycled material, and all the proceeds go to help the TRR. How awesome is that?!?


If you like Salty Mermaid Swimwear, don’t forget to use my 15% off discount code!


Don’t get me wrong, I love “buns in the sun” but I was a little nervous about how cheeky these cuts are. The Brazilian style is becoming more popular so seeing more cheek on the beach isn’t as taboo as it used to be. They have two different styles. The cheeky and the Brazillian. I went for the more modest cut and really liked them!

The fabric feels super nice and doesn’t seem to move around once on. I actually like that there is a bit of bunching at the top, then it evens out.


Salty Mermaid is now offering a DDD top size for us curvier mermaids. It’s hard to find triangle bikinis that actually fit and are comfortable.

I did notice with the tops that the underlayer would fold over naturally around the cleavage. It’s a bright yellow fabric which matches the top and doesn’t look bad, but it changes the swimsuit. When I wear it, it looks like it has a yellow lining.

 If you don’t like the triangle tops because they put to much weight on your neck check this video out! There are multiple ways to tie your bikini so it doesn’t put to much pressure around your neck! 


Salty mermaid is a sexy swimwear line you need to check out. They are doing their part by giving back and so should you! Check out the “Save the Toucan” Line of swimwear for both women and men, and give a little back this year.

Blog written by Mermaid Molly, Salty Mermaid Ambassador and lover of all things mermaid. You can see the original post here.

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Salty Mermaid X Toucan Rescue Ranch

Mermaids! The most exciting thing we’ve done this year is launch our supes cute, Save the Toucans Bikini. We’re more than excited about the bikini, the trunks and the charity! Of course you’ve seen the cheeky bikini and know how adorbs the standout tropical print really is. And maybe you know that it’s made from recycled fabrics. Yasss to eco-conscious, edgy bikinis, right?!

But what we want you to know more about is the amazing charity partner we have–Toucan Rescue Ranch. We’re all about their mission to “rescue, rehabilitate, love and liberate” all of the animals that make their way to the ranch.

What is Toucan Rescue Ranch & What Do They Do?

Toucan Rescue Ranch is non-profit organization located in Costa Rica who is dedicated to rainforest animals and their well-being. They rescue animals who have been confiscated, those that are sick or injured and give them a home as well as work to rehabilitate them in order to return the wildlife to their natural habitats. TRR works closely with government agencies like the Ministry of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica, who typically bring the rescued wildlife to TRR. Any medical attention the animals may need is given by the skilled team at TRR as well as support, rehab, food, a home and lots of love and attention.

Along with providing sanctuary, Toucan Rescue Ranch works diligently to create breeding programs for the six species of Costa Rica Toucans. They also provide educational programs, research sites and facilities all across Costa Rica.

The organization was founded in 2004, so they’ve been at this for awhile now. Originally the intent was to rescue, rehabilitate and release Costa Rica Toucans, but since it’s turned into so much more. In 2007 a baby solve arrived and from there, TRR changed, becoming a sanctuary for all sorts of wildlife.

Why We Partnered with Them.

You know we’re no stranger to doing our part to make the world a better place–one bikini at a time. This season we were so inspired by the work happening at Toucan Rescue Ranch and their mission and of course all of the cute little animals on site. We always strive to partner with organizations who are extremely active and true to their mission. We instantly knew that TRR didn’t miss a bit when it came to giving care and really putting the animals in a position to live their best lives. Plus, it made sense to develop a cute bikini to celebrate their efforts.

How Can Mermaids Get Involved

You can be apart of the animal-saving efforts of Toucan Rescue Ranch if you purchase our Save the Toucans Bikini or Save the Toucans Shorts. We give 100% of the profits from these specially designed styles to the organization. So every dollar you’re spending on that ‘kini, Mermaids, is helping some little creature’s life just a tad bit better. And if you want to take it a step further, you can actually volunteer at TRR. Check out their site to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

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Mermaids We ❤️ You

We love the future, but sometimes we’ve got to talk about the past. And 2018 was a heck of a year for us, Mermaids. We launched our South Africa Collection and made major waves in the swim world. Girls all over the world were living for the undeniably gorgeous prints of the Bohemian Queen styles, the sexy fits and bold shades of our Sun Chasers group and the ultra cool vibe of our Garden Route bikini capsule.

In traditional Salty Mermaid fashion, we came through with cheeky bikini bottoms, Brazilian bikini bottoms, a host of mix and match tops, reversible bikinis and sexy one piece swimsuits that girls were not only going gaga for, but looking go-go-gorgeous in! We could go on for days about the spot of fit of the triangle tops and the scrunch butt bikini bottoms, but we won’t. Instead we’ll just show you some babes who slayed in Salty Mermaid 2018 styles all year long…

@kaylaazjones in the Reversible Tribal Halter Bikini
@_jennwelsch in the Reversible Savannah One Piece

@mdc_veralucia in the Multi-Wear Bikini
@_lauren_elizabeth_davis in the African Jewel Triangle Bikini
@hannahhose + @hellohunney in the Savannah Reversible One Piece
@lexieleni in the Bohemian Queen One Piece
@iamelizabethsmith in the Geo Jewel Halter Bikini
@the.bikini.diaries in the Bohemian Queen Halter Bikini
@charity.grace in the Kettingen Bikini
@erikawheater + @wanderwithmacy in the Bohemian Queen Bralette + Bohemian Queen One Piece
@tiffanykeller in the Colorblock Halter Bikini
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All About The Bandkini

You know our style–bright colors, bold custom prints, cheeky bikini bottoms and sexy bikinis that you can count on to wow a crowd. Well, we’re still at it, but with something new. Make BFFs with the Banded Salty Mermaid Bikini Top and Bottom from our Argentina Collection. 

We wanted to show you this new, amazing and super edgy bikini that’ll we’ll be rocking all 2019 bikini season.

Unlike anything else in our collection, this one is sure to rule your world. What makes it so special? Listen up and we’ll tell you all about it.

Super Soft, Lux Fabric / Wildly Bold Colors

Like all of our bikinis, the Banded Salty Mermaid Bikini Top and Bottom are designed from a rich buttery fabric that feels so good as soon as you put it on. The ‘kini also comes in a gorgeous range of colors–a bold red bikini, a sultry black bikini and a stunning shade of orchid (launching soon). All of the tops match back to any bottoms in the Argentina Collection, too.

Undeniably Sexy Fit

Salty Mermaid takes fit seriously. Because if it doesn’t fit then you’re not gonna love it. And Mermaids need to love their ‘kinis if you ask us. The Banded Salty Mermaid Bikini comes through with a bralette style top, that offers major support and gives major cleavage. The banded bottom (with back bra hook closure) helps too. And you can make the fit a little more tailored to your body type with optional crisscross back styling.

As for the bottoms, they come with a serious cheeky bikini bottom fit, showing off that booty. We love that the bottoms feature a wide band elastic waist giving you the option to wear them as a high cut leg or allow the to sit at the hips. Hellooooo. Options!

Fun, Standout Detail

You can’t miss it. What? The bold glittering gold elastic on the top and bottom of this edgy bikini. Bearing Salty Mermaid in contrast black lettering, you’ll instantly fall for the sporty meets sexy details of this bold bikini. These fashion features transform this from another cute bikini to a styling piece. Explain? Rock this fave under denim and let the waistband show off or sport it as a crop top with your sassiest high-waisted denim or under a sheer top as a little something fun and sexy underneath. The possibilities are endless, Mermaids.

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