The Project Rhino Community

You know in our world we care about two things: saving the planet and wearing cute bikinis. It’s only natural, right? We know we’ve told you how important Project Rhino is to us, but we figured we’d share a little more about the organization because we think they are so awesome. Besides being an wildly wonderful organization that works to protect the rhino, Project Rhino is all about community–and you know we love that. How? Well, we’ll let them tell you how their educating the community to ensure long term change.

The Children Are The Future

“We have a program called ‘Rhino Art’ which exposes primary school children to the

issues facing our wildlife and why we need conserve it as well as teaches them about the environments that the wildlife inhabit. This is done through art and other fun and educational ways. We also have a program to take kids into parks so that they get to see the amazing wildlife and wild areas that we have. We have reached over 300,000 kids.”

It’s A Group Effort

“We work a lot with local communities to understand the value of wildlife. These communities bordering parks with rhino in them can be the most effective anti-poaching tool in one’s toolbox.”

“We believe that developing opportunities for people to conserve wildlife, to be custodians of wildlife and benefit form it, is very rewarding. Getting more land under protection for perpetuity to benefit current and future generations is so important. This involves not just developing new secured protected areas but developing new wildlife ambassadors as well!”

Wow, right, Mermaids? Project Rhino’s mission and approach is enough to get you thinking… What can you do in your community to raise awareness? You can start buy purchasing a bikini, where $10 from the sale goes to the organization and then tell your friends. When someone falls for your little black bikini or sexy one-piece tell them it’s doing more than making your body look good, but it’s apart of a fight to preserve wildlife.

If you still want to do more, spread the Project Rhino message–follow them on Instagram and Facebook. We can’t get enough of what they share, the lives they touch and the gentle giants they save.

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Salty Mermaid Celebrates World Oceans Day

We love the ocean. Obviously! It’s where mermaids thrive and live their best life (especially in a cute bikini). We’re all about protecting and preserving the life-giving force however we can. And with today being World Oceans Day, we’ve come up with a list of just how to make that happen! Each year, on June 8th we not only celebrate the waters, but acknowledge the problems facing them. This year, the focus is on plastic pollution and how it’s harming marine life…this is in additional to carbon pollution and overfishing. So how can you do your part to save the water? Here are a few ideas…

  1. Plan a beach clean up

No need to reinvent the wheel mermaids. Just head out to your local beach with a few fellow boys and babes and start picking up every piece of trash you find. You can also search locally organized clean ups in your community and participate in those year round.


       2. Reduce your use of plastic

Over 8 million tons of plastic enters the ocean every year. Cut back on plastic wherever you can. Bring your own bags to the grocery store, eliminating eating lunches out of single use plastic containers, bring your own mug to coffee shops and even join Surfrider’s, Rise Above Plastic campaign.

  1. Dine discriminately

Our waters are overfished, so when you’re out at dinner or grocery shopping only order or purchase sustainable fish. Overfishing has pushed some marine life towards extinction.

  1. Take public transit

When you can, ditch your car and take public transit. This helps to reduce your carbon footprint and cut back on ocean acidification, which affects the oceans chemistry and threatens marine life.

  1. Talk about it

When we talk about things we are more conscious about things. Simply opening the conversation with your best babes can get people thinking and a lot of times, spark some serious action.

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Fall in ❤️with Bikinis for a Cause

We want to change the world with. Yup, we said it. We want to make this world a better place one itty bitsy bikini at a time. And if you’ve been following us, you know that $10 from the bikinis we sell go toward a cause that’s near and dear to our ❤️. With our South Africa collection, we decided to partner with Project Rhino, a charity devoted to creating a better life for the rhinos in virtually every way possible. Launched in 2011, the organization works tirelessly to stop rhino poaching. Well, we sat down with the team and asked them to share a little more about their mission and what they’re doing as well as give us a little knowledge on biodiversity and why we ought to care about it. Here’s what they had to say:

Tell our mermaids just what Biodiversity is. 

Biodiversity is the variety of all living things (species) which includes plant and animal life in the world or in one specific area.

Explain the importance of biodiversity in today’s world? 

Generally, the greater the level of diversity, the healthier the environment. It is the process where biodiversity (living components in the environment) interact with the non-living components, to produce life supporting services such as air, clean water, soil etc. Basically, without these processes, and without healthy biodiversity, earth would not be comfortable place at all.

Tell us about Project Rhino and the work happening within the organization.

Firstly, we as Project Rhino have concluded that there is no single intervention that is going to stop rhino poaching (or wildlife crime) immediately. As such, we have taken a multi-pronged approach to tackle the issue. This also has a time element to it where we have our here-and-now interventions as well as those that are of a long-term nature. We also have a spatial consideration where we believe that the work carried out inside the Park is just as important as that which is done outside of it (rhino education and awareness programmes and local community engagements).

What makes Project Rhino different from other wildlife organizations

Project Rhino is made up of a number of member organizations. It was formed as a result of many different organisations uniting, on the realization that by working together and pooling our resources, we would be able to have a greater impact.  We interestingly have members who include rhino owners, private landowners, communities, NGO’s and state entities. This has prevented a fragmented approach to dealing with a very well-informed enemy. I also think that our interventions are guided from the ground up in a very participatory way. In other words, we work closely with those who are at the coalface, to understand exactly what support would be most beneficial, rather than thinking that we have a good idea and it works somewhere else in the world, so it must be the answer to stop rhino poaching in that specific context.  

Why is this partnership with Salty Mermaid so special and unique?

I firmly believe that we need to be thinking in the one-world paradigm, where healthy functioning and biodiverse systems across the planet are for the benefit of us all. Africa’s charismatic wildlife is unique and should be as important to an African as it is to any other global citizen. We all have a responsibility to effect positive today and I think the relationship with Salty Mermaid exemplifies that. Anyone can make a difference, no matter where or who or how old you are. Who would have thought – rhinos and quality swimwear? But throw in the word ‘responsible’, and it all makes sense. Thank you!

Tell us about some of the changes that have come about because of Project Rhino? 

Project Rhino has added significant support to its member reserves since it was established in 2011. We have  implemented a strategy which has short-term value (defending what we have now), but it is the long-term investment with difficult measurables, that I believe is where the greatest successes will lie. This is in the form of our youth education programmes, especially with those that live around these rhino reserves.

Developing future wildlife champions by getting kids to see rhinos and other wildlife in their natural environments.

Share with us a fun fact about the rhinos themselves 🙂

❤️ Project Rhino aims to support the black and white populations of rhino. They are two very distinct types of animals – with the black rhino being the smaller (almost half the size) of a white rhino. So when we talk about saving ‘rhino’ we are talking about two very different species.

❤️ A black rhino calf runs behind its mother and a white rhino calf runs in front of its mother.

❤️ Although black and white rhino are so different in size, there is only 1-month difference between the length of their gestation period – white rhinos are pregnant for 16 months and black rhino are 15 months.

❤️ There is no color difference between a black and white rhino – both rhino’s enjoy mud wallows and so they often look similar, reflecting the colour of the mud that they have bathed in.

❤️ White and black rhinos can live together because they generally prefer different habitats – thicker bush for the black rhino and grassy areas for white rhino. The reason for this is that black rhino are browsers (leaf and small branch eaters) whilst white rhino are exclusively grazers (grass eaters).

Learn more about Project Rhino by clicking here and checking out their site.  Shop our South Africa-inspired suits that support the cause here.

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Best Beach Bars for Spring Break

Spring Break is approaching, Mermaids. And what better way to spend it than 1. In a Salty Mermaid cheeky bikini 2. At some of the most exciting beach bars in the world. Well, rather than sending you on a wild goose chase to find them, we did it for you. So if you’re spending your spring break away from the books on the white sand beaches of Playa Del Carmen, along the Ionian Sea or on the coast of Spain, we know where you want to take it all in–and party. Oh and because we care, get the scoop on which flattering bikini you want to wear to each place. Hashtag let’s go somewhere!

Coralina Daylight Club, Playa del Carmen Mexico

Located at 26th Street in the bustling area of the Riviera Maya known as Playa Del Carmen, you’ll find Coralina Daylight Club. One of the most popular daytime parties in the area, this is a prime place to show off your Salty bikini and have some fun with your friends. Featuring a wrap around pool that looks out to the beach and the captivating Caribbean waters, this place blends luxury with fun. Get bottle service and order champagne or chill with your favorite cocktail and dance to the sounds or stretch out on a cozy beach bed. Coralina is known for bringing in talented DJs that keep that party going until the sun goes down.

What to Wear: Geometric Jewel Reversible Macrame Bikini

Copla Beach Bar, Lefkada Greece

Designed in a way that blends the beauty of the beach and the sea with the luxury of a great restaurant and bar scene? That’s Copla Beach Bar in Lefkada Greece. It sits along the shore of the Ionian Sea and it’s made from natural materials to complement its surroundings. Once you’re there, you’re overthrown by the music and the vibe. With a swimming pool in the center of the restaurant, Copla Beach Bar is home to an intoxicating scene. Here babes are laying out and sunning their buns, mixing and mingling, sipping signature cocktails and grooving until the sun sets (which by the way is amazing). Fun, decadent and built into the size of a massive rock, Copla is where you want to spend some time this Spring Break.

What to Wear: Bohemian Queen Triangle Bikini

Sunset Ashram, Ibiza Spain

If you’re taking to Ibiza for the break don’t miss Cala Conta and definitely don’t miss Sunset Ashram, which is located at the beach. Here one of Ibiza’s most beautiful beaches–turquoise water and white sand–mix with a super cool scene and a beach bar sitting on a rock. It’s an expansive space that welcomes beach lovers and party-goers alike. The place features a relaxed vibe that made complete with good music and top notch, local DJs spinning all day long. The sound of the music, the energy of the people and the crashing of the waves lays down a spectacular visio that’ll stay with you long after Spring Break.

What to Wear: Mermaid African Jewel Triangle Bikini

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Toti Media Features Salty Mermaid

We love when we get some love. Recently, Florida-based, Toti Media showed Salty Mermaid some serious attention. They featured our fan favorite, Green Merbabe bikini in FIVE of their publications! How amazing is that, babes?! Check it out. We were featured in Cape Coral Living, Golf and Main, Bonita & Estero, RSW Living and Times of the Islands.

Have you tried our Merbabe bikini? Shop it here. And see how good it looks on some of our Mermaids.









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Top 10 Travel Spots for 2018

We gave up on “new year, new me” a long time ago. We like who we are–fearless mermaids who know life is better in a bikini. Although, we did commit to one thing for 2018: new year, new places. We’re all about travel right now. Well, we always are, but with our Bohemian Queen collection looking fab and our soon-to-be-release Garden Route capsule collection starting to make waves, we can’t help but think of all the amazing places we need to wear these babies. Hello, priorities, babes! Just imagine yourself hanging at the beach bar in one of our cheeky bottom bikinis or soaking up sun in fun boho bikini styles like the Bohemian Queen Bold Bralette

By the way, we love a good city vacay, but since we live the mermaid life, islands, seaside locales and tropical places make up our list. So we’ve done a bit of digging and compiled a list of the top ten spots to travel this year. And not just in the U.S., but all over the world. Hashtag travel goals, for real.  


Check out this list. We’re obsessed with spots like Tropea, Saint Lucia, Kauai and of course, Bali (remember Devin rocked the Bohemian Queen one piece there?!). Are you headed to any of these spots ins 2018? If you are, drop us a line or send us an email to babes and tell us all about where you’re going, what you’re doing there and which Salty Mermaid style is taking the trip with you. 

Be warned, each of our picks calls for major bikini moments for the ‘gram. Don’t forget to tag us in your vacay photos all year long to be featured on our Instagram and always use #saltysquad.


1. Fiji

2. Dalmatian Coast

3. Kauai

4. Playa Del Carmen


5. Saint Lucia


6. Sifinos, Greece

7. Sao Paulo


8. Tropea, Italy


10. Byron Bay

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Nicole Isaacs Wears Salty Mermaid in Oahu

Traveling babe and digital influencer, Nicole Isaacs recently jetsetted to Oahu Hawaii and what did she pack? The Bohemain Queen Brazenly Braided One-Piece from our South Africa collection, of course. Not only was the scenery AH-MA-ZING with a beautiful cloud-filled blue sky and crystal clear waters, but Nicole was giving off total goddess vibes in the sexy deep V-neck one-piece with the super cheeky bottom fit. But don’t just take our word for it. See it for yourself. We are hashtag obsessed with this.  


She makes floating look so fierce.

Cheeky pose. Cheeky bottom one-piece. It’s what vacation life is all about.

Ok, Nicole. We see you (and we’re lowkey obsessed with how gorge you look in our suit).

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South Africa Q&A with Boss Lady Kara, Part I

Our mermaid ship is run by two boss ladies, who are all about creating sexy bikinis for curvy girls, slim girls, fit chicks and everyone in between. But as much as they love flattering bikinis, they’re all about exploring the world and jumping at the opportunity to be adventurous too. One half of that duo, Kara, took the trek to South Africa last year and go inspired for our new collection including the Bohemian Queen styles. The result? Besides a kick a** collection of bikinis and sexy one-pieces, the experience of a lifetime. But don’t take our word for it, hear it from Kara herself in part one of her two part South African Q&A.

  • What made you want to visit South Africa?

I’ve always wanted to check out Africa. I’m really into adventures and I love hiking and animals, so it seemed like the perfect time to go. I was already taking 9 months off to explore the world, so I just added it to my list of places to see.

  • What was the most memorable moment that you had there?

Hmmm. Of the overall trip? I’d say when we went camping from Kenya to South Africa. It was pretty wild. Trying to go to the bathroom at night was a challenge because you’d see a hyena two feet outside of your tent waiting to eat you. You can’t forget that.

But also, we stayed at a really cool reserve in Durban. You’d drive your car in and there’s a giraffe about three feet away from you. It was so special. Aside from that, I’d say the culture, the animals, the sunsets, the spirit of the people (they’re so different than here in the U.S.) and the landscape were just amazing. So much to love.

  • What was the biggest challenge?

You ready for this? There’s no wifi on the whole continent. Ha!

Really, the challenge was camping across Africa–not glamping, camping. No one set up things for you, you do it all yourself. It’s arduous over time. You’re on the ground, you’re outside, you can’t go out in the middle of the night to the bathroom because there may be an animal ready to have you as dinner. The experience there was very different from our day-to-day here in America. But it was nice to disconnect. It was good to put in the middle of nowhere where you could actually breath for a moment. The experience was a real challenge, but a true blessing as well.

  • Did you go with intentions of getting inspired for the next collection?

We didn’t go with that intent to be honest. It just kind of happened.

For me I love love love love jewelry. So when i travel, I always pick up local  jewelry. It was hard not to be inspired. All the jewelry from different tribes is so intricate. The prints are amazing. The fashion is really cool too. There are these colors that you’d never put together in your head, but then you see them put together and they work. It’s kind of impossible to not get inspired while you’re over there–from the sunsets to the landscape, I was really just blown away. You can see all of that in the Bohemian Queen capsule

  • What did you enjoy most about the trip?

It was really cool seeing the animals in their own environments. Usually when you see animals like that, it’s all very curated. This was not.

I appreciated seeing South Africa in person. It’s a very complex place–amazing, but complex. Being there was a reminder of just how much opportunity we have here in the states.

  • If you could do it all over again what would you do differently?

I would go glamping! Kidding. I wouldn’t do a thing differently. This was really and truly the perfect experience. I joke and say we called this our “YOLO Tour,” because (if you can) you should definitely experience this once in your lifetime.

I do wish I had spent more time in areas like Durban and Stellenbosch. Maybe I’ll go back at some point and volunteer with an anti-poaching organization.

The thing about South Africa is there are so many stereotypes, but you have to look past all of those. You’ll hear that the people there are poor–and yes some of them are, but they’re rich in other ways. They don’t’ have to look at their IG feed every eight seconds to feel validated. That counts for something in my opinion!

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Giving Back: Salty Mermaid X Project Rhino

We’re more than a bunch of babes who live for flattering bikinis. We have big hearts too at Salty Mermaid. And that’s why part of the proceeds ($10 of every bikini sale) from our South African collection are going towards a charity that helps to save the rhinos. It’s called Project Rhino KZN. That’s right, merbabes look good an do good.

We’ve connected with South Africa based, Project Rhino KZN to ensure that we’re doing our part and at Salty Mermaid we’re major supporters of their mission and operations. So what exactly are they doing? A lot. First off, this organization, which launched in 2011, works tirelessly to stop rhino poaching. With daily aerial surveillance of wildlife areas, the teams scan and assist rangers in pursuit of poaching gangs, and suspicious activities around the reserves. That’s just one thing. The organization also assumes much of the cost on these operations.

What Does Project Rhino Do:

Project Rhino also offers ranger and reserve support. This includes intensive training programs on how to work to keep the rhinos on the reserves safe from poaching and other unwanted or inhuman activity. Also, the group takes part in daily surveillance of the reserves by use of a high-tech turbine helicopters. Project Rhino works to always ensure the safety and happy life of the animals, no matter what. Such good stuff, right?!

What’s Their Mission Statement: 

We really, really love it:

What motivates us daily is the dream of both White and Black rhino species thriving in KwaZulu-Natal and far beyond – forever free, forever secure from poaching, well managed and protected.  Today we strive to protect the world’s last remaining African rhino species, so that tomorrow they will still continue to play their vital role in our continent’s irreplaceable and beautiful ecosystems, contributing to an ever-growing realization of our fundamental reliance on the natural environment (and ALL its elements) for our very basic needs. We honour their uniqueness as one of the primary icons of Africa’s great wilderness areas.

Some of the Salty Mermaid Bohemian Queen styles were actually inspired by the rhinos we saw as we traveled across the reserves. Heart eyes.  

Fun Rhino Facts:

So babes, how familiar are you with rhinos? Here are a few fun facts about the majestic beauties that we’re giving back to.

  1. There are five different types of rhinos and two are native to Africa — the black and the white rhinos.
  2. Rhinos are the second largest animal on earth, coming right behind elephants, getting as big as 2200 pounds.
  3. World Rhino Day is September 22.
  4. They are sometimes said to be bad-tempered, but are actually just shy and inquisitive. They will run towards anything unusual in their surroundings, but usually run away if they smell humans.
  5. They’re speedy! Rhinos can run up to 30 – 40 miles per hour; the fastest human can run 15 miles an hour to give you an idea.

Shop the Salty Mermaid Bohemian Queen capsule collection here. And learn more about Project Rhino by checking out their site and clicking here.


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What To Pack For A Labor Day Getaway

They call it the “last weekend of summer,” but for a mermaid, Labor Day weekend proves itself to be yet another opportunity to get dolled up in your cutest ‘kini and hang poolside, hit the pool parties or spend your day on the sand with a bikini that deserves a dozen Instastories.

For those of you mermaids getting away to celebrate, we’re here to help you pack and look hot no matter where you’re going.

South Beach Babe

You’re hitting the crystal clear waters of South Beach and spending Sunday lounging poolside at the Raleigh. Your #ootd? The Tribal Taboo Pink Geometric–a perfect match for the Miami heat. Work this suit with some serious solids for a look that’ll take you from water play to Kiki on the River for happy hour, easy. Pair this pretty pink suit with basics like high-waisted LPA palazzo pants or a basic white button down and let the balconette bikini top play a game of peek-a-boo. Fill your suitcase with colorful accessories like these Vanessa Mooney knotted tassels and Clare V.’s Petite Alice. Hashtag obsessed.

Mermaid in the Mountains

Lake life–it’s where the days are simple, the air is fresh and the look is still hot. You never know who’s going to take your pic, right?! Along with your fave high-waisted denim cut offs, a must-have fedora like the Carnaby Fedora, bring the Strappy Starlet Jungle Bikini along. The print is all about paying homage to natural surroundings so you’re wearing it in the right place. Don this ‘kini on an afternoon hike that leaves you lakefront or wear it during an afternoon adventure on a boat.

Vegas Vixen

For the mermaids who are Las Vegas pool party bound, you must pack the Strappy Starlet Carnival as seen on mega merbabe, Tash Oakley. The super sexy style is just what you want to be seen in with all your besties as you kick back in your cabana and the champs flow. Amidst your heels and bodycon sets, bring this baby to take you from Encore Beach Club to Marquee Dayclub to Wet Republic and beyond. But it’s Vegas so pair this suit with some major accessories. Look to a pair of flash lense sunnies aviators some Mimi and Lu hoops and a sexy wedge sandal. Sun’s out, buns out, right, babes?!

Waikiki Cutie

For all of the merbabes who are taking to the waters and spending a few days on the beaches of Waikiki, the Big Island, Turtle Bay or any other magical beach locale, the only suit to bring is Pineapple Me Crazy. Leaving a little to the imagination, this Brazilian style bottom shows off all your best assets in the cutest way possible, so be sure this along with a little Kopari shimmer, your selfie stick, and a trusty pair of Havaianas make it into your bag. The cut of this suit says “major island babe,” and promises to take you from your surf lesson to midday mai-tais with easy. Toss on a semi-sheer cover-up and the pineapple print on your suit won’t be the only thing going cray.

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