Wanderlust: Summer 2017 Travel Bucket List

Grab the girls and get your bikinis ready! Summer 2017 is comin in hot, figuratively and literally, so we gathered some of our favorite summer vacation spots to give you some vacay inspo. 

1. HAWAII: Seems cliche but have you ever heard of anyone having a bad time in Hawaii? We didn’t think so…

Salty Mermaid Swimwear Blog Hawaii Bikini

2. AUSTRALIA: The long flight is SO worth it…we promise

Salty Mermaid Swimwear Blog Travel Wanderlust Australia

3. FIJI: There is a hike in Fiji named the Garden of Eden!!! What is not to love?!

Salty Mermaid Blog Travel Wanderlust Summer 2017 Fiji

4. BARBADOS: Yes, those are horses in the water and NO it does not get more magical than that! 

Salty Mermaid Swimwear Blog Travel Wanderlust Summer 2017 Best Beaches Vacation Spots Barbados Horse Beach

5. BORA BORA: We’ve have pictured ourselves here more than once….today.

Salty Mermaid Swimwear Blog Bora Bora Mermaid Raft Seashell Raft

6. SOUTH AFRICA: You can swim with penguins in South Africa and if that is not enticing than what is?

7. CAYMAN ISLANDS: This one speaks for itself…that blue water tho!

8. PUERTO RICO: Anywhere with a hammock hanging from a palm tree over the ocean will do juuuuust fine. 

9. THE BAHAMAS: For when you want a Holiday In The Sun moment 😉

Salty Mermaid Swimwear Blog Summer 2017 Best Travel Spots and Beaches Tropical

10. ARUBA: The whitest, most velvet-y looking sand we ever did see!

Salty Mermaid Swimwear Blog Aruba White Sand Beaches Wanderlust Travel Bucket List

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Beach Pics To Inspire Serious Wanderlust

Dreaming of a getaway? If you can’t plan a quick trip, let these pictures bring some work-day zen into your life. Check out the most awe-inspiring, tranquil beaches world-wide and let the wanderlust sink in. White sand, azure waters and salty air are calling your name!

Ceara, Brazil


 The Maldives


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Krabi, Thailand


Sardinia, Italy


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Best Hotel Pools In the World

Who doesn’t love a good hotel pool? (Hopefully nobody.) To a mermaid the ocean will ALWAYS come first! However, pools are a close second. After spending hours in the ocean on your dreamy tropical vacay it’s nice to take a quick dip in the pool. There are SO many amazing pools around the world, but we’ve put together the absolute best:








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