Meet Babe: Jennie Payne

Ask for a positive vibe and we’ll point to MAJOR Merbabe, Jennie Payne. A devoted Salty Squad member, Jennie seems to always look on the bright side–even when life hands her a a full bag of lemons! She’s a risk taker, an avid adventurer and a girl who just won’t take “no” for an answer. We love seeing Jennie show off her bikini bod–no literally–she’s been training for a bikini competition, but due to the current state, that’s been put on hold. Do you think Jennie gave up? Nope. We could go on about Jennie and how amazing we think she is, but you can read it for yourself. We caught up with her and asked her all the good stuff. And can we just say, we’re eternally inspired by this bad ass babe. Plus, Jennie in the Kara Mesh Me One Piece? Heart eyes for days…

How did you end up living your best life in Hawaii ?

I worked a full time job in accounting for 7 years before I finally realized that I didn’t want to spend my life in a cubicle for 20 more years. At 23 I decided to leave my stable job and comfortable life to move to Maryland and become a broke college student. While in college I took a national exchange opportunity at the University of Hawaii where I lived in Ohau. It felt like home. I decided that as soon as I graduated, I would pack up and move there to do what I love in the most beautiful piece of paradise I’d ever seen. I won’t lie, that decision was SCARY AF. I didn’t know if I’d be able to make it work. Hawaii is damn expensive and being a full time personal trainer ANYWHERE is a constant hustle. But, I did it. And even on the hard days, it is 100% worth it!

What do you do to relax or de-stress?

I love treating myself to a massage or pedicure, but when money is tight, epsom salt baths with the works are where it’s at (candles, wine, and Khalid radio)!

Tell us about your upcoming bikini competition!

I was suppose to have competed in my first ever bikini competition this past April. I had been training and following a strict nutrition plan for 6 months. Then 3 weeks before the show date, it was cancelled due to Covid. BUT, my goal at the beginning of the year was to step on stage and I’m not giving up! The Ikaika Classic is–so far–still on for November, so that’s what I’m currently prepping for. I’m not sure if bikini prep will become a lifestyle for me. If I do well, my competitive side will surely want to shoot for earning a pro card. If not, my next goal is to get in the boxing ring (I’ll need to train for at least a year before I feel somewhat ready for that)!

How are you staying motivated when it comes to your fitness training right now?

It’s tough. The possibility of a second wave of shutdowns and another show cancellation looms. But I can’t focus on that. At least this time I won’t be blindsided if that happens. My goal is to continue to train as if I were stepping on stage regardless of what happens. I cannot control those type of things, but I can control my consistency, my effort, and my dedication to my goal.

Where is your next travel destination that you just have to check off your bucket list?

I am dying to go to Indonesia to swim with the whale sharks! I have a LONG bucket list- but that is at the tippy top!

Your posts are so uplifting (and funny)! We are especially obsessed with your birthday photoshoot in the Kara Mesh Me suit 🖤 Tell us how we can all be as confident as you!

Awww. Honestly, I’ve actually never been very comfortable in a bikini until recently. BUT, I will say that when your outfit looks good, you feel good. Rocking my Salty Mermaid Suits always makes me feel AMAZING! I just absolutely love love lovvvee these suits. I am so incredibly honored and happy to be part of the Salty Squad 🧜🏻‍♀️
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90-Day Ambassador Bikini Contest…it’s Major

Dear Ambassador Mermaids, we love you. But you knew that already.

Also, we’re about to give you an offer that you cannot refuse. Ready for it? A chance to get 50% off all Salty Mermaid Bikinis for life! Yes, you read correctly. That means all of your favorite triangle bikini tops, cheeky bikini bottoms, edgy bikinis and sexy one piece swimsuits at half of the price on Pretty fabulous, right?!

Here’s the thing, Mermaids, we need something from you for 90 days we need nothing but love from you. That means likes and comments on EVERY SINGLE SALTY MERMAID POST on Instagram. It may sound like a lot but think of all of the supes cute bikinis you’ll have. Faves like the Salty Mermaid Banded Bikini, the Save the Toucans Bikini, the Mesh Me Crop Top + Lanika Cheeky Bikini Bottoms could all be yours!

Here are the details. The contest kicks off next Friday, March 1, 2019 and goes for 90 days, ending on May 1, 2019. We need you to like and comment on all Instagram posts everyday until the ending date. And yes, Mermaids, the Salty Team will most definitely be checking and tracking Ambassador likes and comments. We’re checking each morning, FYI.

Oh and you’ll be entered to win a free bikini as well.

So get those thumbs ready, Ambassadors and think up  what you wanna say about our posts because on March 1st, it’s go time. We want love from you, Mermaids, because we value you so much! If you have questions feel free to shoot us an email to or DM us through Instagram.

Good luck to all of you!!!

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Salty Mermaid Review by Mermaid Molly

Salty Mermaid has done it again! A new line of swimwear has come out with a “save the toucans” theme that is all about giving back! They partnered up with the TRR (Toucan Rescue Ranch) in Costa Rica where a team of passionate environmentalists are doing their part to protect endangered wildlife on the island. 

Did you know that there are 6 different types of Toucans in Costa Rica? Leslie Howle and Jorge Murillo have been working at the TRR since 2004 and established a captive breeding program for all 6 species of toucans. So cool! 

This breeding program helps raise toucan offspring until a juvenile stage where they are “pre-released” into an intermediate enclosure preparing them for the rainforest. To learn more about the TCC visit their website!

So how does Salty Mermaid give back?

Well, this particular swimwear is 100% recycled material, and all the proceeds go to help the TRR. How awesome is that?!?


If you like Salty Mermaid Swimwear, don’t forget to use my 15% off discount code!


Don’t get me wrong, I love “buns in the sun” but I was a little nervous about how cheeky these cuts are. The Brazilian style is becoming more popular so seeing more cheek on the beach isn’t as taboo as it used to be. They have two different styles. The cheeky and the Brazillian. I went for the more modest cut and really liked them!

The fabric feels super nice and doesn’t seem to move around once on. I actually like that there is a bit of bunching at the top, then it evens out.


Salty Mermaid is now offering a DDD top size for us curvier mermaids. It’s hard to find triangle bikinis that actually fit and are comfortable.

I did notice with the tops that the underlayer would fold over naturally around the cleavage. It’s a bright yellow fabric which matches the top and doesn’t look bad, but it changes the swimsuit. When I wear it, it looks like it has a yellow lining.

 If you don’t like the triangle tops because they put to much weight on your neck check this video out! There are multiple ways to tie your bikini so it doesn’t put to much pressure around your neck! 


Salty mermaid is a sexy swimwear line you need to check out. They are doing their part by giving back and so should you! Check out the “Save the Toucan” Line of swimwear for both women and men, and give a little back this year.

Blog written by Mermaid Molly, Salty Mermaid Ambassador and lover of all things mermaid. You can see the original post here.

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Salty Mermaid X Toucan Rescue Ranch

Mermaids! The most exciting thing we’ve done this year is launch our supes cute, Save the Toucans Bikini. We’re more than excited about the bikini, the trunks and the charity! Of course you’ve seen the cheeky bikini and know how adorbs the standout tropical print really is. And maybe you know that it’s made from recycled fabrics. Yasss to eco-conscious, edgy bikinis, right?!

But what we want you to know more about is the amazing charity partner we have–Toucan Rescue Ranch. We’re all about their mission to “rescue, rehabilitate, love and liberate” all of the animals that make their way to the ranch.

What is Toucan Rescue Ranch & What Do They Do?

Toucan Rescue Ranch is non-profit organization located in Costa Rica who is dedicated to rainforest animals and their well-being. They rescue animals who have been confiscated, those that are sick or injured and give them a home as well as work to rehabilitate them in order to return the wildlife to their natural habitats. TRR works closely with government agencies like the Ministry of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica, who typically bring the rescued wildlife to TRR. Any medical attention the animals may need is given by the skilled team at TRR as well as support, rehab, food, a home and lots of love and attention.

Along with providing sanctuary, Toucan Rescue Ranch works diligently to create breeding programs for the six species of Costa Rica Toucans. They also provide educational programs, research sites and facilities all across Costa Rica.

The organization was founded in 2004, so they’ve been at this for awhile now. Originally the intent was to rescue, rehabilitate and release Costa Rica Toucans, but since it’s turned into so much more. In 2007 a baby solve arrived and from there, TRR changed, becoming a sanctuary for all sorts of wildlife.

Why We Partnered with Them.

You know we’re no stranger to doing our part to make the world a better place–one bikini at a time. This season we were so inspired by the work happening at Toucan Rescue Ranch and their mission and of course all of the cute little animals on site. We always strive to partner with organizations who are extremely active and true to their mission. We instantly knew that TRR didn’t miss a bit when it came to giving care and really putting the animals in a position to live their best lives. Plus, it made sense to develop a cute bikini to celebrate their efforts.

How Can Mermaids Get Involved

You can be apart of the animal-saving efforts of Toucan Rescue Ranch if you purchase our Save the Toucans Bikini or Save the Toucans Shorts. We give 100% of the profits from these specially designed styles to the organization. So every dollar you’re spending on that ‘kini, Mermaids, is helping some little creature’s life just a tad bit better. And if you want to take it a step further, you can actually volunteer at TRR. Check out their site to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

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Mermaids We ❤️ You

We love the future, but sometimes we’ve got to talk about the past. And 2018 was a heck of a year for us, Mermaids. We launched our South Africa Collection and made major waves in the swim world. Girls all over the world were living for the undeniably gorgeous prints of the Bohemian Queen styles, the sexy fits and bold shades of our Sun Chasers group and the ultra cool vibe of our Garden Route bikini capsule.

In traditional Salty Mermaid fashion, we came through with cheeky bikini bottoms, Brazilian bikini bottoms, a host of mix and match tops, reversible bikinis and sexy one piece swimsuits that girls were not only going gaga for, but looking go-go-gorgeous in! We could go on for days about the spot of fit of the triangle tops and the scrunch butt bikini bottoms, but we won’t. Instead we’ll just show you some babes who slayed in Salty Mermaid 2018 styles all year long…

@kaylaazjones in the Reversible Tribal Halter Bikini
@_jennwelsch in the Reversible Savannah One Piece

@mdc_veralucia in the Multi-Wear Bikini
@_lauren_elizabeth_davis in the African Jewel Triangle Bikini
@hannahhose + @hellohunney in the Savannah Reversible One Piece
@lexieleni in the Bohemian Queen One Piece
@iamelizabethsmith in the Geo Jewel Halter Bikini
@the.bikini.diaries in the Bohemian Queen Halter Bikini
@charity.grace in the Kettingen Bikini
@erikawheater + @wanderwithmacy in the Bohemian Queen Bralette + Bohemian Queen One Piece
@tiffanykeller in the Colorblock Halter Bikini
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Mermaid Styling Tips

Mermaids like to look their absolute best–no secret, right?! Besides wearing crazy cute bikinis like the African Jewel or the Multi-Wear Bikini or everyone’s fave the Bohemian Queen Triangle Bikini, we like to get all pretty. And yes, we aren’t judging if you’re all about rocking makeup to the beach…do you mermaid! So we’ve pulled together a few ways to mermaid out when it comes to your summer look. From mermaid hair (hello, Charity Grace), to nails, and makeup tricks we’re going to have you showing folks how a real Salty Mermaid works it. Ok…werk, ladies…



We love mermaid hair. But did you know you can do it with dark hair too? Show off all of the pretty colors that make up mermaid hair like this. Do a dark fishtail braid that’s laced with color. Watch all of the shade of green, purple and blue come through without overdoing it.  

Another mermaid hair fave? A pretty purple and blue mix of beauty waves a la Charity Grace. This summer style is one of the best because it’s easy and exceptionally cute. Plus it’ll reveal all of the rich shades of your hair. Love love love.


When you live the mermaid life, almost everything is inspired by the sea. Right?! Transform yourself into a literal treasure chest like babe @griffinarnlund who shows off a major merbody with body jewels from The Gypsy Shrine. Kick off summer with some super fun mermaid-esque body art. It’s giving us life and it’ll give you that glow.  


The mermaid lip can go from super bold to subdued. For our day-to-day mermaid look, we like to keep it simple. That’s why we’re into a high gloss, iridescent look to get those mermaid smoochers. Pink and purple undertones with flecks of gold work for almost every mermaid and it’s less time consuming then a more dramatic mermaid lip look. Rock this all summer long. Look to Too Faced for looks like this. 


For as much as we heart a less aggressive mermaid lip, we live for a bold mermaid-inspired eye. Take for example this look where a pretty pink meets a rich gold to create the perfect merblend. Top that with a dramatic lashes and you’ve just become queen of the land an sea. Super babe @hailiebarber owns this look!! We’d wear this even to the beach!

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The Pink Geo Bikini is BACK!

We announced it last week, Mermaids. But in case you need to hear it again, the Pink Geometric Bikini is BACK! You ladies loved this style  (a super cute itsy bitsy bikini with gold detail) so much that we had to bring it back and you were busy getting inspired by some of our fave babes who rocked the style on the ‘gram like Charity Grace, Diaries of Danielle, Brooke Davis and more.

Chances are you want to know what ladies are loving about this teeny tribal print bikini so much. Well, we’re gonna tell you…


Not your average padded bikini top, this style fits more like a bra, molding perfectly to your shells and not only offering major support, but enhancing them too! This bra-style bikini top features underwire, molded cups, hook and eye back closure and adjustable (removable) straps to take your girls to the next level. Not to mention the positional print does you some favors too, while the the black pom pom trim adds a little more fun to the whole look.


The Pink Geo bottoms are a favorite fit. It’s a low-rise bikini bottom that features a cheeky fit and a scrunch butt detail. So it makes your bum look bomb. Move to the sides and the details are to go crazy for. Delicate black fringe trims the side along with gold hardware for a little glam.


We love this style for the beach, but if you’re a babe who hits up festivals, pool party or even rocks your ‘kini as a part of your daytime outfit, this suit is totally for you. The top can double as an insanely cute crop top with high-waisted everything. Or glam it up for pool parties with heels and hoops.

So, are you ready to join the club and get the Pink Geo Bikini for yourself? SHOP IT HERE!

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Best Beach Bars for Spring Break

Spring Break is approaching, Mermaids. And what better way to spend it than 1. In a Salty Mermaid cheeky bikini 2. At some of the most exciting beach bars in the world. Well, rather than sending you on a wild goose chase to find them, we did it for you. So if you’re spending your spring break away from the books on the white sand beaches of Playa Del Carmen, along the Ionian Sea or on the coast of Spain, we know where you want to take it all in–and party. Oh and because we care, get the scoop on which flattering bikini you want to wear to each place. Hashtag let’s go somewhere!

Coralina Daylight Club, Playa del Carmen Mexico

Located at 26th Street in the bustling area of the Riviera Maya known as Playa Del Carmen, you’ll find Coralina Daylight Club. One of the most popular daytime parties in the area, this is a prime place to show off your Salty bikini and have some fun with your friends. Featuring a wrap around pool that looks out to the beach and the captivating Caribbean waters, this place blends luxury with fun. Get bottle service and order champagne or chill with your favorite cocktail and dance to the sounds or stretch out on a cozy beach bed. Coralina is known for bringing in talented DJs that keep that party going until the sun goes down.

What to Wear: Geometric Jewel Reversible Macrame Bikini

Copla Beach Bar, Lefkada Greece

Designed in a way that blends the beauty of the beach and the sea with the luxury of a great restaurant and bar scene? That’s Copla Beach Bar in Lefkada Greece. It sits along the shore of the Ionian Sea and it’s made from natural materials to complement its surroundings. Once you’re there, you’re overthrown by the music and the vibe. With a swimming pool in the center of the restaurant, Copla Beach Bar is home to an intoxicating scene. Here babes are laying out and sunning their buns, mixing and mingling, sipping signature cocktails and grooving until the sun sets (which by the way is amazing). Fun, decadent and built into the size of a massive rock, Copla is where you want to spend some time this Spring Break.

What to Wear: Bohemian Queen Triangle Bikini

Sunset Ashram, Ibiza Spain

If you’re taking to Ibiza for the break don’t miss Cala Conta and definitely don’t miss Sunset Ashram, which is located at the beach. Here one of Ibiza’s most beautiful beaches–turquoise water and white sand–mix with a super cool scene and a beach bar sitting on a rock. It’s an expansive space that welcomes beach lovers and party-goers alike. The place features a relaxed vibe that made complete with good music and top notch, local DJs spinning all day long. The sound of the music, the energy of the people and the crashing of the waves lays down a spectacular visio that’ll stay with you long after Spring Break.

What to Wear: Mermaid African Jewel Triangle Bikini

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Rock Your Bikini as Fall Fashion

Ok Merbabes, Summer has come and gone. And even though we’re still scrolling through our camera roll and trying to figure out what to #latepost on the ‘gram, this all means one thing–Fall is here. People are talking sweaters and booties, but yes, we’re still talking about our new bikini. Sounds, cray, right? It’s not really, though. Why? Because we’re rocking swim as Fall fashion. Genius.

If you were keeping up and saw our South Africa-inspired collection debut at Miami Swim Week and took note of our Bohemian Queen Launch, then you know that we have some insanely cute one-pieces that’ll fit perfectly into your fall wardrobe.

Black to Basics

Babes turn to black when the seasons change, so look our Brazenly Braided One-Piece in Midnight. It’s the merbabes bodysuit as it’ll take you from drinks to late night dip if you’re up for the challenge. But if you’re just keeping it simple, think to pair this perfectly fitting one-piece with your best statement skirt. It features a deep v-neckline, so it’s super sultry. And to add it has loaded with pretty detail that’s hard to overlook like braided straps and a scoop back–so right now. This works as a layering piece under your favorite leather jacket or as a stand-alone for drinks with the squad. Oh and it goes with everything because it’s black.

Short Story: Bikini Top

Show off a no nonsense Fall 2017 night out look. Pick the Midnight Corset Cutie as a match for your high-waisted statement pants and a leather jacket thrown over your shoulders. The bikini top is all about enhancing your assets. The underwire top shapes your bust, making the “girls” look great. Plus it features adjustable straps and removable padding, giving you the option to give a lot or give a little. It’s a style that is a Fall fashion basic and it’s cute from a luxe fabric–even more of a reason to love it.

Bohemian Babe

Fall is all about showing off. Sure you showed off your summer body all summer now, not flaunt your fashion prowess. The Brazenly Braided One-Piece shows off a wealth of hues and patterns sure to turn heads. Like the Braided One-Piece in black this style blends braided detail with a sexy scoop back and a plunging v-neckline. This show piece is a perfect match for a neck full of dainty gold chains and hoops. As for the rest tie it all together with a cropped denim and a bold pair of mules in a standout color like yellow and prove that swimsuits have a place outside of the ocean and at the dinner table.

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BTS: South Africa Bikini Collection Shoot

Get excited, Mermaids, our South Africa bikini collection launch is just days away. And if you’ve been keeping up with our Instagram, then you know a little bit about the collection and why it’s so special (because it’s all about saving the rhinos). More on that later.

But before we launch, we wanted to give you a sneak peek of what it was like to shoot the collection and how much fun it was. Our super gorgeous babes, Tiffany Keller and Maggie Rawlins Douglas worked it with some direction for everyone’s favorite photog, Chris Shintani. Danni Katz dolled up the gals and Salty Mermaid, co-founder, Kara Versage was hanging around doing boss lady things and styling with help from the Salty Mermaid team.

While the girls made our South Africa bikinis look even more fabulous than they already are (because they’re some of the most flattering swimsuits around not to mention perf bikinis for curvy girls) and Shintani got crazy beautiful pics of them both, one of our ambassadors @tav_lo,  came to hang–she even brought her dog.

It was an awesome time filled with smiles, sexy bikinis, polaroids, pizza and even a funky green monkey. But don’t take our word for it. Check out these snaps.

Maggie Rawlins Douglas taking the black bikini to the next level.

Maggie, why you such a hottie with a killer bikini body?

Embellished bikinis, printed bikinis, sexy bikinis, cheeky bikinis, sexy one-pieces? Gang’s all here.

Tiffany Keller getting super silly with the cam in our Bohemian Queen Triangle Bikini. It’s the triangle bikini that every curvy girl, beach babe and poolside princess needs.

Werk, babe! She was giving us life in those cheeky bottoms.

What goes best with babes and bikinis? Pups! @tav_lo ‘s pooch was a star too.

Loving this halter style bikini top and these cheeky cutout bikini bottoms on Tiff. Heart eyes <3

Bohemian Queen South Africa bikini? Check. Funky green monkey? Check. Let’s take some pics!

Bikini babes for days…

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