Meet Ambassador: Krystal Rose

Krystal Rose has been repping the Salty Squad for a while now and we’re all about her energy. Surely, you’ve seen her. She’s always showing off in the latest Salty Mermaid style and doing it in some super cool location. Another cool thing about Krystal? She’s a true travelista! She’s all about being the babe who sees the world –either with friends or solo. So we caught up with Krystal (she’s got a little down time these days) and asked her to share what she loves most about traveling, where she’s going next and how to successfully travel solo as a woman. FYI, this mermaid has nothing but good stuff to say. But read on for yourself and see what we mean! P.S. how hot is she in the Kara with the matching suitcase? Um travel goals!!

Tell us why travel is so important to you

Traveling is important to me because it enables so much mental and spiritual growth. I am constantly having to over come challenges, be flexible when things don’t go as planned, learn to respect other cultures, take risks, and best of all make new friends.

What’s your favorite beach memory?

My last trip was in Thailand. I connected with a few strangers on the mainland and we decided to go to an island together for a week. It was non stop beach, reggae music, fresh food, dancing, swimming and just lounging in secluded beaches. It was the time of my life! I want to go back!

What is your next trip you have planned? First stop Post-Quarantine!

It is a tie between Bali and back to Thailand. I really just want to live the care free lifestyle for a while on the beach.

What is a goal location you’re looking forward to visiting in the future?

I would like to go to the Cape Verde islands. My father is Cape Verdean and I would love to visit where my ancestors have been. I hear it is gorgeous and I love island life.

How have the past few months changed your perspective on travel?

I definitely recognize that I was blessed to be able to travel before the quarantine. I don’t ever want to take my ability to travel to other countries for granted. I actually almost got stuck in Germany the first week of March. Luckily I found a flight and quarantined for safety. I miss my friends all around the world. The world may not be the same once I try to go back out so I am grateful I got to experience what I did.

What is something you ALWAYS pack to bring with you, no matter the destination?

A small, fanny pack is essential. Water proof is ideal and enough space to fit passport, room key, cellphone and some cash. Invest in a RFDI one with cut proof straps. I wear mine everywhere, from swimming to exploring, to dancing. I may not look fashionable but I don’t I’ll have everything I need to keep me safe.

Do you have any tips for solo babe travelers?

Yes, These are all safety related:
  • Have someone back home and/or in a near by country know where you are at and where you are going on a daily basis.
  • Don’t look like a tourist
    • Look at maps and know your surroundings and routes before you leave your lodging. Don’t constantly look at your gps on your phone and look lost. That’s an easy target for people looking for tourist to mess with.
    • Don’t constantly take photos for the gram
  • Take selfies with people you are hanging out with and send them to someone or upload to the cloud so if something happens to you, people can check your history and find clues.
  • Make friends quickly. Find people you can trust to hangout with but always take precautions that not everyone has your best interest in mind. Surround yourself with people who will look after you.
  • If you go out at night by yourself, don’t drink and watch your drinks. Learn to have fun without drinking.
  • Don’t get drunk. Period.
  • Don’t bring a purse or anything expensive with you. Leave brand names at home. You don’t want to be a target or tempt someone to rob you.
  • Invest in a good backpack and travel light. You want to be hands free as much as possible.
  • Read about the country before you go to learn about any dangers for travelers and females.
  • Register with the US Embassy in the countries you are going to.
  • Have the airport, hotel, restaurants book transportation for you with legit transport services.
  • If you hook up with a guy (let’s be real) text his info, maybe a photo of his passport information to a friend back home. If he is not okay sharing his information, don’t hook up with him. Find another hottie.
  • Bring plenary of Salty Mermaid bikinis, duh!

 Finish this sentence: Traveling is ….

the best investment you can make for yourself if your intention is to learn and grow on your trip