Meet Babe: Jennie Payne

Ask for a positive vibe and we’ll point to MAJOR Merbabe, Jennie Payne. A devoted Salty Squad member, Jennie seems to always look on the bright side–even when life hands her a a full bag of lemons! She’s a risk taker, an avid adventurer and a girl who just won’t take “no” for an answer. We love seeing Jennie show off her bikini bod–no literally–she’s been training for a bikini competition, but due to the current state, that’s been put on hold. Do you think Jennie gave up? Nope. We could go on about Jennie and how amazing we think she is, but you can read it for yourself. We caught up with her and asked her all the good stuff. And can we just say, we’re eternally inspired by this bad ass babe. Plus, Jennie in the Kara Mesh Me One Piece? Heart eyes for days…

How did you end up living your best life in Hawaii ?

I worked a full time job in accounting for 7 years before I finally realized that I didn’t want to spend my life in a cubicle for 20 more years. At 23 I decided to leave my stable job and comfortable life to move to Maryland and become a broke college student. While in college I took a national exchange opportunity at the University of Hawaii where I lived in Ohau. It felt like home. I decided that as soon as I graduated, I would pack up and move there to do what I love in the most beautiful piece of paradise I’d ever seen. I won’t lie, that decision was SCARY AF. I didn’t know if I’d be able to make it work. Hawaii is damn expensive and being a full time personal trainer ANYWHERE is a constant hustle. But, I did it. And even on the hard days, it is 100% worth it!

What do you do to relax or de-stress?

I love treating myself to a massage or pedicure, but when money is tight, epsom salt baths with the works are where it’s at (candles, wine, and Khalid radio)!

Tell us about your upcoming bikini competition!

I was suppose to have competed in my first ever bikini competition this past April. I had been training and following a strict nutrition plan for 6 months. Then 3 weeks before the show date, it was cancelled due to Covid. BUT, my goal at the beginning of the year was to step on stage and I’m not giving up! The Ikaika Classic is–so far–still on for November, so that’s what I’m currently prepping for. I’m not sure if bikini prep will become a lifestyle for me. If I do well, my competitive side will surely want to shoot for earning a pro card. If not, my next goal is to get in the boxing ring (I’ll need to train for at least a year before I feel somewhat ready for that)!

How are you staying motivated when it comes to your fitness training right now?

It’s tough. The possibility of a second wave of shutdowns and another show cancellation looms. But I can’t focus on that. At least this time I won’t be blindsided if that happens. My goal is to continue to train as if I were stepping on stage regardless of what happens. I cannot control those type of things, but I can control my consistency, my effort, and my dedication to my goal.

Where is your next travel destination that you just have to check off your bucket list?

I am dying to go to Indonesia to swim with the whale sharks! I have a LONG bucket list- but that is at the tippy top!

Your posts are so uplifting (and funny)! We are especially obsessed with your birthday photoshoot in the Kara Mesh Me suit 🖤 Tell us how we can all be as confident as you!

Awww. Honestly, I’ve actually never been very comfortable in a bikini until recently. BUT, I will say that when your outfit looks good, you feel good. Rocking my Salty Mermaid Suits always makes me feel AMAZING! I just absolutely love love lovvvee these suits. I am so incredibly honored and happy to be part of the Salty Squad 🧜🏻‍♀️