MERBOSS Sarah Jon’s Faves

Imagine being a swimwear owner and designer. Well, Sarah Jon–one half of the super cheeky duo that runs Salty Mermaid–is. And while her days are spent deciding on patterns and colors, answering emails, talking fit and talking strategy, Sarah sometimes gets some free time to actually hang out and wear the pieces that she, Kara and the rest of the team have worked so hard on creating.

You would think that when you’re surrounded by bikinis 24/7 it would be hard to pick a favorite, but Sarah actually has three favorites!

The Mermaid Beaded Bikini

WHAT SARAH LOVES: I consider this our little gem. This sporty top works for everything from the gym to the beach to the rooftop bar for a little day drinking (it’s black so you can’t tell if you spill some Rosé on it). We created this suit because we wanted our personalities to come  through by way of the colors and delicate embellishments. Looking at the suit, you can see the love and time it took to create every curve of every bead and the bright color story that it tells. Of course, since it says “Mermaid” on it, how could it not be one of my faves?! Did I mention it literally goes with any color bottom? Shop the Mermaid Beaded Bikini

The Brazenly Braided Bohemian Queen One Piece

WHAT SARAH LOVES: This is my absolutely favorite! I’m not usually a one-piece kinda girl, but this style says “sexy mysterious vixen” and I’m all about that.  I love the dramatic color pops in all the right places on your body. Shop the Bohemian Queen One Piece

The African Jewel Reversible Halter Bikini

WHAT SARAH LOVES:  I’ve been obsessed with this style since day one. The sporty halter fit makes the possibilities endless. It’s amazing paired with a denim jacket or whatever bottoms you like.  And the bikini bottoms? These are is the dream bottoms I imagined before I started Salty Mermaid. I wanted to create something that was super sexy and flirty, but also flattering for any body type. The fabric is so luxe  and keeps its shape all day. Shop the African Jewel Reversible Halter Bikini