Mermaid Styling Tips

Mermaids like to look their absolute best–no secret, right?! Besides wearing crazy cute bikinis like the African Jewel or the Multi-Wear Bikini or everyone’s fave the Bohemian Queen Triangle Bikini, we like to get all pretty. And yes, we aren’t judging if you’re all about rocking makeup to the beach…do you mermaid! So we’ve pulled together a few ways to mermaid out when it comes to your summer look. From mermaid hair (hello, Charity Grace), to nails, and makeup tricks we’re going to have you showing folks how a real Salty Mermaid works it. Ok…werk, ladies…



We love mermaid hair. But did you know you can do it with dark hair too? Show off all of the pretty colors that make up mermaid hair like this. Do a dark fishtail braid that’s laced with color. Watch all of the shade of green, purple and blue come through without overdoing it.  

Another mermaid hair fave? A pretty purple and blue mix of beauty waves a la Charity Grace. This summer style is one of the best because it’s easy and exceptionally cute. Plus it’ll reveal all of the rich shades of your hair. Love love love.


When you live the mermaid life, almost everything is inspired by the sea. Right?! Transform yourself into a literal treasure chest like babe @griffinarnlund who shows off a major merbody with body jewels from The Gypsy Shrine. Kick off summer with some super fun mermaid-esque body art. It’s giving us life and it’ll give you that glow.  


The mermaid lip can go from super bold to subdued. For our day-to-day mermaid look, we like to keep it simple. That’s why we’re into a high gloss, iridescent look to get those mermaid smoochers. Pink and purple undertones with flecks of gold work for almost every mermaid and it’s less time consuming then a more dramatic mermaid lip look. Rock this all summer long. Look to Too Faced for looks like this. 


For as much as we heart a less aggressive mermaid lip, we live for a bold mermaid-inspired eye. Take for example this look where a pretty pink meets a rich gold to create the perfect merblend. Top that with a dramatic lashes and you’ve just become queen of the land an sea. Super babe @hailiebarber owns this look!! We’d wear this even to the beach!