Ready. Set. Try Before You Buy

Have you ever really wanted to buy something online, but you just weren’t 100% sure about it? Sure you have. We all have babes. And when it comes to bikinis, you can be a little nervous to add to cart without trying ’em on. We get it. That’s why we launched the Salty Mermaid Try Before You Buy program a while back.

For sure you’ve seen it on our site. Maybe you’ve ¬†even seen it on our Instagram, but you’re not quite sure how it works. Well we’ll give you the scoop right now!

With the Try Before You Buy Program or TBYB as we like to call it, you can try up to 3 sizes of any bikini bottom or any combination of bottoms. Have fun with different styles and different fits before you commit to a type. You know we have several–Brazilian bikini bottoms, cheeky bikini bottoms, high-cut bikini bottoms, side-tie bikini bottoms and more.

You’ll pay $5 up front to participate in the program and that $5 includes the cost of return shipping and it’s applied toward your future bikini purchase. Easy right?

How It Works:

Step 1: Select your 3 sample bottoms on Salty Mermaid (FYI we send black bikini bottoms only)

Step 2: Try on your samples, maybe take some selfies, make some decisions and send all 3 bikini bottoms back within 48 hours. We’ll provide the return shipping label so it’s easy.

Step 3: We get the package back with the samples in good condition and boom, we apply the $5 fee towards your bikini purchase.

The best part? You know exactly what bikini bottoms you want and which fit your bod best. Now you can place your bikini order with major confidence. How amazing is that?!

Ready to try it? Just click here and get your Try Before You Buy on!