Salty Mermaid Holiday Gift Guide

It’s gift giving season, Mermaids and if you’re like us, chances are you haven’t even started your holiday shopping. Eek! So rather than float around aimlessly, unsure of what to gift our fellow mermaids and mer-family, we decided to put togethera little holiday gift guide to help you out. Got a mermama in life? Get her Salty Mermaid. Got a merboss who’s cool as ever? Ger her Salty Mermaid. Got a bestie, who deserves the world? Get her Salty Mermaid so she can show off her greatness in a cheeky bikini.

Check out some of our faves for your faves.


Gifts for your Bestie:

She’s always cute. She’s always there for you, so give her something that’s going to let her know how fabulous you think she really is. Encourage your best merbabe to show off her magnificence in one of our newest styles, the Bandkini, an edgy bikini featuring a sexy, sporty top and super cute high-cute, cheeky bikini bottoms.  

If your bestie isn’t the bikini type, still celebrate her magical mermaid ways by gifting her with a Salty Mermaid Stocking loaded with Salty Swag (a logo tank, a trucker hat, a koozie, some stickers). She will be thrilled. Why because mermaids like finding treasure, duh!


Gifts for the Mermama:

Cheeky bikini bottoms aren’t what your mom loves most? Totally cool. Gift her with the latest, Long Sleeve Salty Mermaid Logo Tee. As if the cut weren’t cute enough–off the shoulder with a relaxed fit–it’s super soft and features an adorbs rose gold Salty Mermaid logo across the front. Not all heroes have capes, mermaids. Some have cute tees and talk that mermaid talk.

Another fave for the #1 merlady in your life? Salty Mermaid PJs! Mama’s (new and seasoned) looooove jammies. And she won’t be able to resist these. The fit is relaxed, the fabric is soft and it’s covered with everyone’s favorite mermaid logo.


Gifts for the Merboss:

If you’re gonna be a Merboss, you need to look the part, right?! Of course. So surprise your boss babes with some super sassy Quay sunnies this holiday. They’re on-trend and beyond stylish. They make every mermaid look like the head mermaid in charge. Our faves for your boss? The High Key Sunnies are a classic aviator style that say, ‘I got this, peeps.’ And that’s exactly what the boss babe in your life needs.

Because a real boss babe is moving from place to place–office to yoga, volunteering to hanging at home, she needs to stay hydrated. Her best bet? You giving her the gift of a Salty Mermaid Tumbler. Available in three fab hues, she’s sure to fall head over sky-high heels for one.


Gifts for your Furbaby: 

Fur babies need gifts too. So we’ve got you covered. Give ‘em the Salty Mermaid Dog Hoodie in pink or black. Keep your little babe cute and warm all season long–no matter how big or small they are.

Treats. Treats. And more treats. That’s what furbabies love most. So gift it to them in the Mer Pup Stocking. Fill it with the best toys and treats to give your little fur babe the happiest holiday ever.


Gifts for your fave Aunt:

She loves to give you smoochies, so give her something fun in return. Gift your favorite aunt with the Salty Mermaid Logo Trucker Hat. It’ll keep her mer-tastic until the next time you see her.

Annnd in case you were wondering what we have on our list this year, we’re obsessing over our latest Reversible Colorblock Bikini, a real life mermaid crown and a Mermaid Tail Blanket–because sometimes we skip the water and hang on the couch for some binging.