Giving Back: Salty Mermaid X Project Rhino

We’re more than a bunch of babes who live for flattering bikinis. We have big hearts too at Salty Mermaid. And that’s why part of the proceeds ($10 of every bikini sale) from our South African collection are going towards a charity that helps to save the rhinos. It’s called Project Rhino KZN. That’s right, merbabes look good an do good.

We’ve connected with South Africa based, Project Rhino KZN to ensure that we’re doing our part and at Salty Mermaid we’re major supporters of their mission and operations. So what exactly are they doing? A lot. First off, this organization, which launched in 2011, works tirelessly to stop rhino poaching. With daily aerial surveillance of wildlife areas, the teams scan and assist rangers in pursuit of poaching gangs, and suspicious activities around the reserves. That’s just one thing. The organization also assumes much of the cost on these operations.

What Does Project Rhino Do:

Project Rhino also offers ranger and reserve support. This includes intensive training programs on how to work to keep the rhinos on the reserves safe from poaching and other unwanted or inhuman activity. Also, the group takes part in daily surveillance of the reserves by use of a high-tech turbine helicopters. Project Rhino works to always ensure the safety and happy life of the animals, no matter what. Such good stuff, right?!

What’s Their Mission Statement: 

We really, really love it:

What motivates us daily is the dream of both White and Black rhino species thriving in KwaZulu-Natal and far beyond – forever free, forever secure from poaching, well managed and protected.  Today we strive to protect the world’s last remaining African rhino species, so that tomorrow they will still continue to play their vital role in our continent’s irreplaceable and beautiful ecosystems, contributing to an ever-growing realization of our fundamental reliance on the natural environment (and ALL its elements) for our very basic needs. We honour their uniqueness as one of the primary icons of Africa’s great wilderness areas.

Some of the Salty Mermaid Bohemian Queen styles were actually inspired by the rhinos we saw as we traveled across the reserves. Heart eyes.  

Fun Rhino Facts:

So babes, how familiar are you with rhinos? Here are a few fun facts about the majestic beauties that we’re giving back to.

  1. There are five different types of rhinos and two are native to Africa — the black and the white rhinos.
  2. Rhinos are the second largest animal on earth, coming right behind elephants, getting as big as 2200 pounds.
  3. World Rhino Day is September 22.
  4. They are sometimes said to be bad-tempered, but are actually just shy and inquisitive. They will run towards anything unusual in their surroundings, but usually run away if they smell humans.
  5. They’re speedy! Rhinos can run up to 30 – 40 miles per hour; the fastest human can run 15 miles an hour to give you an idea.

Shop the Salty Mermaid Bohemian Queen capsule collection here. And learn more about Project Rhino by checking out their site and clicking here.


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