Salty Mermaid Review by Mermaid Molly

Salty Mermaid has done it again! A new line of swimwear has come out with a “save the toucans” theme that is all about giving back! They partnered up with the TRR (Toucan Rescue Ranch) in Costa Rica where a team of passionate environmentalists are doing their part to protect endangered wildlife on the island. 

Did you know that there are 6 different types of Toucans in Costa Rica? Leslie Howle and Jorge Murillo have been working at the TRR since 2004 and established a captive breeding program for all 6 species of toucans. So cool! 

This breeding program helps raise toucan offspring until a juvenile stage where they are “pre-released” into an intermediate enclosure preparing them for the rainforest. To learn more about the TCC visit their website!

So how does Salty Mermaid give back?

Well, this particular swimwear is 100% recycled material, and all the proceeds go to help the TRR. How awesome is that?!?


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Don’t get me wrong, I love “buns in the sun” but I was a little nervous about how cheeky these cuts are. The Brazilian style is becoming more popular so seeing more cheek on the beach isn’t as taboo as it used to be. They have two different styles. The cheeky and the Brazillian. I went for the more modest cut and really liked them!

The fabric feels super nice and doesn’t seem to move around once on. I actually like that there is a bit of bunching at the top, then it evens out.


Salty Mermaid is now offering a DDD top size for us curvier mermaids. It’s hard to find triangle bikinis that actually fit and are comfortable.

I did notice with the tops that the underlayer would fold over naturally around the cleavage. It’s a bright yellow fabric which matches the top and doesn’t look bad, but it changes the swimsuit. When I wear it, it looks like it has a yellow lining.

 If you don’t like the triangle tops because they put to much weight on your neck check this video out! There are multiple ways to tie your bikini so it doesn’t put to much pressure around your neck! 


Salty mermaid is a sexy swimwear line you need to check out. They are doing their part by giving back and so should you! Check out the “Save the Toucan” Line of swimwear for both women and men, and give a little back this year.

Blog written by Mermaid Molly, Salty Mermaid Ambassador and lover of all things mermaid. You can see the original post here.