Salty Mermaid X Toucan Rescue Ranch

Mermaids! The most exciting thing we’ve done this year is launch our supes cute, Save the Toucans Bikini. We’re more than excited about the bikini, the trunks and the charity! Of course you’ve seen the cheeky bikini and know how adorbs the standout tropical print really is. And maybe you know that it’s made from recycled fabrics. Yasss to eco-conscious, edgy bikinis, right?!

But what we want you to know more about is the amazing charity partner we have–Toucan Rescue Ranch. We’re all about their mission to “rescue, rehabilitate, love and liberate” all of the animals that make their way to the ranch.

What is Toucan Rescue Ranch & What Do They Do?

Toucan Rescue Ranch is non-profit organization located in Costa Rica who is dedicated to rainforest animals and their well-being. They rescue animals who have been confiscated, those that are sick or injured and give them a home as well as work to rehabilitate them in order to return the wildlife to their natural habitats. TRR works closely with government agencies like the Ministry of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica, who typically bring the rescued wildlife to TRR. Any medical attention the animals may need is given by the skilled team at TRR as well as support, rehab, food, a home and lots of love and attention.

Along with providing sanctuary, Toucan Rescue Ranch works diligently to create breeding programs for the six species of Costa Rica Toucans. They also provide educational programs, research sites and facilities all across Costa Rica.

The organization was founded in 2004, so they’ve been at this for awhile now. Originally the intent was to rescue, rehabilitate and release Costa Rica Toucans, but since it’s turned into so much more. In 2007 a baby solve arrived and from there, TRR changed, becoming a sanctuary for all sorts of wildlife.

Why We Partnered with Them.

You know we’re no stranger to doing our part to make the world a better place–one bikini at a time. This season we were so inspired by the work happening at Toucan Rescue Ranch and their mission and of course all of the cute little animals on site. We always strive to partner with organizations who are extremely active and true to their mission. We instantly knew that TRR didn’t miss a bit when it came to giving care and really putting the animals in a position to live their best lives. Plus, it made sense to develop a cute bikini to celebrate their efforts.

How Can Mermaids Get Involved

You can be apart of the animal-saving efforts of Toucan Rescue Ranch if you purchase our Save the Toucans Bikini or Save the Toucans Shorts. We give 100% of the profits from these specially designed styles to the organization. So every dollar you’re spending on that ‘kini, Mermaids, is helping some little creature’s life just a tad bit better. And if you want to take it a step further, you can actually volunteer at TRR. Check out their site to learn more about volunteer opportunities.