Thank You for Your Service, Jill!

In Honor of Memorial Day, we chatted up Salty Mermaid Ambassador, Jill. Jill loves repping Salty, but she’s a badass military babe having severed in the Navy. She was inspired to join the service after 9/11. She has an incredible story and we’re so grateful to not only have her on the Salty Squad, but for the sacrifices she made for this country! Read on to learn more about this mega babe!

Tell us 3 fun facts about yourself:

a) I am adopted by two amazing parents and found my biological family through 23 and Me. They are awesome as well. b) I used to compete in the fitness industry c) I love hotels especially ones with robes, slippers, room service, and a great bar.

What motivated you to join the Navy?

9/11. I woke up the morning after turning 22 (my bday is Sept 10) to the towers burning right before the second plane hit. I was in college to be a Phys Ed Teacher but realized that I needed to do something more. Joining the Navy was the best thing I did, paid for the rest of my college, I lived in Florida, California, and Italy, met one of my besties of now 15 plus years, it paid for my Master’s degree, got me a Top Secret Clearance and helped get me to my current position as a federal civilian supporting the United Special Operations Command here in Tampa, Fl. Love our amazing nation!

What rank are you most proud of and why?

I would not say rank most proud of, but graduating from Rescue Swimmer School in Pensacola, Fl is my proudest moment,  When I went through only 5% of females made it. That and completing SERE school, it is a survival and evasion school.  Both schools where physically and mentally challenging but the best training I have ever had.

Tell us about your super chill pup Nala…

I got Nala in December of 2010, saw her online and said that is my dog. She is pretty much like my kid so much that she will let me carry her like a baby and give her zerberts, and when I am sitting down she will put her chest on my face waiting for a zerbert. Sometimes I swear she communicates with snorts. She snores with her eyes open, if i am sick she cuddles with me until I get up, she is amazing with kids.  When I used to meal prep for fitness competitions, she always wanted to be near me, so I trained her to always go to her bed, to this day pretty much anywhere we go if I say get in your bed she will and ride out. 🙂

What’s the next Salty Mermaid suit you plan on wearing to the beach?

My Save the Toucans suit is my go to, but I recently just filled my shopping cart on the Salty site and can’t wait to get the Ocean Bikini and matching mens trunks for my hunky other half.

What do you love most about being a Salty Mermaid Ambassador?

I am able to support an actual brand that is truly a great fit, gives back to the environment, and I am able to support amazing women who run and work for the company. Salty makes and promotes suits for all not just for that size 0, but more for all of our different types of lady lumps. <3

What’s a piece of advice you would give to all the other Salty girls?

Love your mind, body, and spirit inside and out. Speak and stand for what you believe in and lift other ups, no matter if they have been ill willed towards you.  See the good be the bood. This is the time of the influencer, make that influence from whatever platform(s) an amazingly positive one.