The Glory Days of MTV Spring Break

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A Throwback to MTV Spring Break

There is no question that we all, at some point in our teens and early 20s, wished we were in Daytona Beach having the time of our lives with wet t-shirt contests, drinking games, hot boys, and even hotter bikinis for a week straight in the month of March. MTV’s Spring Break, while causing some of us major FOMO, was the pinnacle of late ‘90s to early 2000s looks, serving us all the tinted sunglasses, itty bitty bikinis, and denim cutoffs we could take for one week a year. Let’s jump back to the glorious days of MTV Spring Break! 

Credit: Getty Images | Creator: Frank Micelotta

Destiny’s Child: 2000 

The red bikini and denim pairing is everything. Totally a look that the Salty Crew would rock now. 

NSYNC Performs “Tearin’ Up My Heart” 1999

The fake runway show simultaneous with the yummy boy band performance screams 1999, and I love it.  

Creator: Scott Gries | Credit: Getty Images

Lindsey Lohan: 2004 

Who doesn’t love hot dudes and tinted sunnies? Obviously, Lohan does!  

Spicy Girls – WannaBe MTV Spring Break 1997

The girl power that exudes from this video is overwhelming in all the best ways. Absolute goals for the merbabes this spring break. 

Creator: Scott Gries | Credit: Getty Images

Vanessa Minnillo: 2004 

The mixed prints? Love it. The tinted sunnies? Love it. Vanessa Minnillo? Total merbabe.  

No Doubt – “Just A Girl” (Spring Break, 03.14.1996)

I’ll take one pair of mermaid sequined pants and a tank embroidered with SALTY on it please and thank you. And do we even have to talk about how Gwen hasn’t aged at all since ‘96? 

Creator: Frank Micelotta | Credit: Getty Images

Carmen Electra: 2000 

Itty bitty black bikini and a rhinestoned bellybutton, this is the moment she claimed her title as the Queen of MTV Spring Break… and we are here for it.