You know in our world we care about two things: saving the planet and wearing cute bikinis. It’s only natural, right? We know we’ve told you how important Project Rhino is to us, but we figured we’d share a little more about the organization because we think they are so awesome. Besides being an wildly wonderful organization that works to protect the rhino, Project Rhino is all about community–and you know we love that. How? Well, we’ll let them tell you how their educating the community to ensure long term change.

The Children Are The Future

“We have a program called ‘Rhino Art’ which exposes primary school children to the

issues facing our wildlife and why we need conserve it as well as teaches them about the environments that the wildlife inhabit. This is done through art and other fun and educational ways. We also have a program to take kids into parks so that they get to see the amazing wildlife and wild areas that we have. We have reached over 300,000 kids.”

It’s A Group Effort

“We work a lot with local communities to understand the value of wildlife. These communities bordering parks with rhino in them can be the most effective anti-poaching tool in one’s toolbox.”

“We believe that developing opportunities for people to conserve wildlife, to be custodians of wildlife and benefit form it, is very rewarding. Getting more land under protection for perpetuity to benefit current and future generations is so important. This involves not just developing new secured protected areas but developing new wildlife ambassadors as well!”

Wow, right, Mermaids? Project Rhino’s mission and approach is enough to get you thinking… What can you do in your community to raise awareness? You can start buy purchasing a bikini, where $10 from the sale goes to the organization and then tell your friends. When someone falls for your little black bikini or sexy one-piece tell them it’s doing more than making your body look good, but it’s apart of a fight to preserve wildlife.

If you still want to do more, spread the Project Rhino message–follow them on Instagram and Facebook. We can’t get enough of what they share, the lives they touch and the gentle giants they save.

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