Time To Get Beach-Ready Merbabes

You know what time is it! Day by day we are getting closer to weather that screams “Let’s go to the beach!” and I know all our merbabes couldn’t be more excited. Here are the Salty Crews top 5 tips for getting beach-ready so you can hit the waves as your most confident self!

Drink Lots of Water 

An obvious one right? But seriously, drinking lots of water both before and while you are at the beach is so important. Water will help improve your skin’s complexion and regulate your body. And even though you’ll be splashing around in the water all day, drinking lots of water is going to stop you from becoming dehydrated from the sun. So get yourself a cute reusable water bottle and bring it with you everywhere! 

Do Some Fun Exercise

All bodies are bikini bodies! We all need to take care of ourselves and exercising to get ready for the beach is just for you to feel like your best self. Try out these short and impactful workouts by Annie Taylor Efremsky to be beach-ready by summer. Feel great and have fun! 


Exfoliate Away That Winter Skin 

We love a mermaid tail, but we definitely don’t want our skin to feel like one! Get rid of your winter skin and get ready to glow by using an exfoliator in the bath. Whether you like dry brushing, chemical, or physical exfoliators, find one you love and that works for your skin. Our current fav exfoliators are from Truly Beauty, an organic and vegan skincare line that is super cute and super effective, check them out! 

Protect Your Skin With SPF 

In case you haven’t been told enough, we are telling you again. Your need to wear an SPF every day, and especially at the beach to protect your skin. And do your merbabe besties a favor and remind her to put some on as well and reapply throughout the day. Your skin is going to thank us later! Find the best sunscreen for you in this article from NY Magazine

Eat a Yummy Breakfast 

Fuel your body before your workout or a long day of hitting the waves with a fruit smoothie bowl! Not only are they super pretty, but they are also so nutritious and totally personalizable. You can do so many different combinations for the smoothie and decorate with all your favs as toppings. Try out one of our favorite bowls, the mermaid smoothie bowl from The Glowing Fridge.   

Hope you love our tips for getting beach-ready this summer. Remember, your body is always beach-ready, these tips are just to help you feel like your most confident self and take care of your body inside and out.