Trending Now: The Sarah Sport Tank

When it comes to cute bikini tops, you’ve got options on options with Salty Mermaid, right? Well we wanna tell you about the one top that is an absolute for any bikini collector. It’s the Sarah Sport Tank. This sporty bikini top is next level…and we’re about to tell you why.

The Fit

You know we love to talk fit to you babes. Whether it’s a triangle bikini top designed for busty babes or a halter bikini top that you cannot live without, we’re gonna tell you what makes it great for your bod. When it comes to the Sarah Sport Tank, the fit is supreme. This bikini top does more than look amazing, but it holds in your shells and offers major support–no matter how big or small you boobies may be! We designed this sporty bikini top to move with you. It has front cutouts, so you don’t feel smooshed, but it also has a wide elastic underneath so you don’t feel like you’re going to fall out.

So Many Colors

Sure having a black bikini top that you love is great. But when you find one you love, isn’t it best to have it in almost every shade possible? Yup. That’s why we didn’t settle on creating the Sarah Sport Tank in just black. We upped the ante and created this bikini top in red, fuchsia, neon yellow and pretty prints like our signature rose blossom, donut and ocean prints. So you can always pick a bikini top that suits your mood or your look for that particular beach day. Oh and you know you can mix and match these tops with so many different Salty Mermaid bikini bottoms, right?!

It’s More Than a Bikini Top

Take your Sarah Sport Tank to the beach, sure, but you can take her other places too. Explain? K’. Well, when we designed this amazing fitting bikini top, we also thought about your day-to-day activities. And in between the beach and pool, you’re working out and meeting up with besties, right? The Sarah Sport Tank can do all of those things with you. It’s a super legit workout top, since it offers support and absorbs moisture. Plus how cute is it with your high-waisted workout leggings??? Next up, brunch with your babes? Show off a neon yellow Sarah Sport Tank with high-waisted denim short and a breezy button-up. Supes cute. It’s date night approved too.

So now that you know why we’re all about the Sarah Sport Tank, you want them all, right? Lucky for you babes we just dropped the price from $45 to $30. Get ’em all!